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You nailed it Thor. 
Check comments on my website
with other GLP and Stellar inspired stuff. 
God Bless,

Art Gianfermo

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thanks for the reply.

Looks like you are still into far out interesting stuff. More power to you.

I understand about reunions, so that's cool. I went to our 40th High school
reunion a couple of years ago having planned to meet one of my best friends,
Laurence Curtis there. My other best friend John Reese also came even though
he graduated a year later because we spent a lot of time together since
grade school. It was really weird other than seeing them, because I was so
out of it in high school, so I didn't really know anyone else, except for a
great surprise when Dave Lynch showed up. None of us had heard from him for
40 years and he was the 4th in our group of trouble makers through high
school. He had a good time with us reminiscing, but also has no interest in
keeping in touch. It's a weird concept to interact with people that we
haven't kept in touch with and I sometimes wonder about the point of it all.
But having personally kept the exploration of consciousness as my main
interest, I like to see if others in the group that started me out on that
are still into it and how they are manifesting that in their "normal" lives.
So that's why I would go but it's definitely not for everyone. In any case,
there are a lot of "fans" that would love to see you as you were one of the
biggest driving forces in our group.

There is talk of first part of August as a date and I'll probably be out of
town then so I have lobbied for later. If you change your mind let me know
and I will pass on your info to the organizers, and please let me know if
you have contact information for anyone else that might be interested. We
have Bob Watson's info, so anyone other than him would be great.

Best to you,

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