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From P. Kene
I highly recommend them. I got my heating switched from oil to gas. They efficiently removed my oil tank and old boiler. They did a great job installing the new heating system.

Friday's tip of the day:

Selecting energy efficient products for your heating and cooling can help you save on your energy bills. For furnaces look for the highest AFUE (example 93.3%-95%) ratings for cooling look for the highest SEER energy models (example 13-14.5 SEER).

Tip of the day:

Since winter is approaching us, the weather will be cold and with the possibility of freezing pipes the best way to avoid them is to let the faucet that is the longest distance from the water main dripping (moving water is harder to freeze than water that is not moving).

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Aqua motion circulators!
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Tip of the day: If your a/c unit is off all day it will take longer to cool off the house and get the humidity out of your home, you are much better off leaving your a/c at a higher temperature while away and turn it lower when you arrive home for a more comfortable setting.

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