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Basabi Basu
To me Silence is essential. Chatter causes an inner turmoil and tends to let the mind rule Me!
To me Silence is essential. Chatter causes an inner turmoil and tends to let the mind rule Me!

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What will I take with me?
For the last 2 years April has been a month of deeper contemplation than the other 11. It was in April 2014 that my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer, operated on and has since been in remission. The 10 days he was in hospital were intense and spiritu...

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Stop the Abuse
It takes time an awareness to recognize that we are being wronged. The veil of love and trust mixed in with fear and insecurity keeps the wrong doer and the wrong done concealed. We see it happening and maybe hope, it is 'just this once, after all no one is...

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6 Decades Later
Life has been an experience worth having. I generally do not dwell on the past, instead I tend to introspect and concentrate on the now. Today I would like to delve into my past - to take stock of how life has influenced who I am. One vital lesson - the onl...

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The Weight of Silence
Words carry the weight of our thoughts. It is a good exercise to count how many times we say, "But that is not what I meant;" or "Just kidding;" or even "Oops, slip of the tongue." What we mean and what we say often conflict. We use terms like semantics to ...

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Authenticity brings peace into everyday life. It makes for self-assurance
and self-worth. Honest folk admit they are imperfect and often work towards
perfection. People lacking authenticity feel weak and insecure on the inside. Society has
always been a bag...

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How to Live an Independent Life - You can.
I am an East Indian married woman, mother of two grown men. I have flirted with the dream of being independent but did not believe it was possible. My brother moved out of our home when I was about 10. My father passed away when I was 18. I met my now husba...

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I Remember
As far as I can tell I had a great childhood. I defined it
by the love and care I received from my dad. I lost him when I was just 18 and
his memories to this date are of a man I loved dearly and who loved me in
return. My very early childhood is a blur. Wh...

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She personifies pure love, they say. A mother is a mother at the end of the day. She loves whole heartedly Protects unreservedly, Mother never gives up on your dreams, Each time you win, her face is in beams. She personifies wisdom, they tell me. Mother kno...

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Thank you, child!
Last night I watched a video about a young woman's gratitude towards her mother for all she had done. I see many posts on FB too about how important gratitude is and I understand the concept of it, but it jars me when I see this expectation that we as paren...
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