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Jennifer Guyton-Bohlen
"Ama la vita, essere coraggiosi"
"Ama la vita, essere coraggiosi"


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Woke at four with heartburn and just not being able to get comfortable. Decided after tossing and turning for an hour to get up. This getting old shit sucks.

So I am the most horrible mother in the world. Just for the record, so you all know. THE WORSE! I am making the kids go to bed at school hours this week to get them back on track for next week. I also informed the youngest I am getting the Circle for internet activity monitoring. He is now in his room sobbing into his pillow. WORSE MOTHER EVER!!! I HAVE COLLAPSED HIS WORLD!!!

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#teamdoitanyway Moved a lot of rock again today (oh my abs are feeling it) and we built a rock wall that lined the slate we put down yesterday. The afternoon calls for embroidering/knitting and some TV time. Oh..and there are ribs slow cooking in the oven. Round it all up with the time spent with friends yesterday and this weekend has just been wonderful.

I hadn't said anything about this previously, but it was just confirmed. I am now an official US Postal Service Employee. My first day to report is September 11th. It's part time for now but from what I am told that won't be for long. :D

so I do not get the issue with my printer. Its a canon. I click to print things and it tells me that is in use by another printer, which is not the case. In order for it to print after I've hit "print" i have to reboot my whole computer. WHY!?! Its so intensely frustrating!!!! It functions wirelessly and i wonder if that is the case. Any help anyone can offer in this would be appreciated. Otherwise im ready to throw it out the window.

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Dear Mass General,
Perhaps you should, ya know...submit the bill for medical services to the insurance company BEFORE you send me to collections. You might actually get paid faster that way. Idiots.
No love,

Up entirely too early from allergies. Oddly enough, Ryan was awake too so got so spend early morning chatting it up with him over early coffee in a quiet house. Made up a "to do" list of lots of little things like laundry, dishes, mail packages of sold items, a thank you note, plant transplanting..etc..lets see how much I can get done before a nap is required. But first, second cup of coffee.
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