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In #Python:
var = [[]] * 100
Does not make a list of 100 new lists but rather a list with 100 references to the same list.

There's my public service announcement for today.

I know I didn't drink at the wedding, but I'm pretty sure I had a hangover yesterday.

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I took this in New Jersey the other day, thought it was funny. +Mikko Rauhala , you're the only Finn that I have even a tenuous connection with, on the internet or otherwise, so you have been tagged!

I somehow avoided ever seeing A Bronx Tale before... it was great! I love mid-twentieth-century New York, with all its open corruption and racism.

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Holy shit!

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This is the best Humble Indie Game Bundle yet, enough so that I had to share it on here for anyone that doesn't see this sort of thing in their news feeds. A series of really good DRM-free games, for mac/win/linux, for as little as you feel like paying; but if you pay above the average (around $8.50 right now), you get four extra also-great games.

Psychonauts all by itself would be worth any money you might spend, so consider the rest icing on the cake.

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I heard this on LastFM today and it made me very happy. It's been years!

And the related videos list is a treasure trove of wonderful things.
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