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Software Dude and middle aged soccer dud
Software Dude and middle aged soccer dud

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Good to see someone taking on the privatisation myth. Lots of good examples in the article of where it has gone wrong. Greed isn't always good, people!

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The War On Drugs. So so stupid.

sigh ...

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If you actually want to help make the world a better place, you have to get off your fat ass and do something ...

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A message for all AUSTRALIAN MEN living in rural and urban areas. Whether you're living with depression or you've never experienced the black dog, you can help Macquarie University psychologists with important depression research. The research aims to work out why only one-third of the one million people with depression inAustralia each year seek professional help. So far 90% of the people who have done the survey are women. The opinions and experiences of men are important. To help, you just need to complete a 10-15 minute online survey. You could win a $50 voucher. Find out more:

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Took this photo while camping the other day. Nicely auto-awesomed by Google.

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That's some darts

James Wade and Robert Thornton both hit 9 DARTER! BEST MATCH EVER!

I'm not particularly a darts fan, but two people shooting the perfect game in one match is pretty incredible. If you don't know already, wikipedia can tell you what a "nine darter" is:

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Coming from Irish roots I spent a bunch of my childhood searching for a four leaf clover (it was simple times), hoping for the great luck that they apparently convey. I never succeeded.

My son Matty came home with the following the other day. Lucky bugger!

Now I'm sure someone on G+ will respond with a simple explanation for my son's success, but I'm gonna go with leprechauns for now.

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No Hipsters

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The old and the new

More airline adventures. Last week I was reporting on my experience on the brand new 787 Dreamliner. See

This week, without knowing it, I had booked myself on Air New Zealand's last ever 747 flight. A very historic occasion.

And the report?

As I was about to walk onto the plane, they turned us back, and reported a fuelling error meant the flight would be delayed. And so we waited for two hours in the little hallway that leads to the plane.

Fuelling problems on a plane that was having its last ever flight was not instilling me with confidence.

2 hours later we finally took off, and so I started watching a movie on the creaking in-flight entertainment system. Lots of stops and stutters in the video streaming, and in 15 minutes we got an announcement apologizing for the problems and letting us know that the whole system needed to be rebooted. The reboot took 30 minutes! Always gives me a chuckle when I see the Windows CE boot screens show up.

Finally got to Auckland, running late for my connection, rushed to board only to be told that I'd been bumped off the flight.

Not quite the Dreamliner experience, which I gave 4.5 stars, but close. It still landed after all, which is my main criteria for a good flight.

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+ 1 million

A friend just had over $2000 stolen from his betfair account. 2nd factor auth might have helped.
If you haven't set up 2-step verification for your account yet, do it soon.  It's so easy there's no excuse not to.  And if any of your other online accounts don't provide something like it, ask why not.
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