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Happy father's day to all my fellow Dad's out there. Enjoy your day. 

Feeling content sitting out front soaking in some nice weather. 

Seriously enjoy having you guys back. As a fellow Note 3 owner, I like some of what Samsung has done on Touchwiz: Watch On, S - Pen apps, the toggles in the notification bar, multi window occassionally, and surprisingly their one handed use items like the keyboard and the dialer. What I don't like are the rest of the boat like S-Voice, their flip board like magazine, their own app store, and having settings having a completely different layout from stock Android. I hope future updates pare back Touchwiz a bit. One other surprise I like is Samsung's music player. Google Play Music is great and all, but Samsung's ability to level out volume for all music is nice. All to many times, I would get my eardrums blasted going from one song to the next. Just my thoughts. Welcome back guys. 

Grilling season has begun :-)

Enjoying an app for my Gnex called iOnroad. Basically a HUD display that gives great info. Screen is always on obviously which his the battery a bit even when plugged in, but not bad.

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