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Calorie ?! What's that ?!
Calorie ?! What's that ?!

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Turnip cake / pudding aka Loh bak goh
It's nearly   that time of the year again !  I really need to start my spring cleaning ....... Chinese around the world are busy preparing for their most important festival , the  Chinese New Year which will start on January 28th . Mention Chinese New Year ...

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Baked matcha soufflé pancakes
Happy New Year , all !!!  Better late than never , right ?! lol  I've been deliciously-bombarded  with lots of photos of thick pancakes on my newsfeed since last year as I haven't had homemade pancakes in years , why not try to make it ?! I've checked sever...

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Matcha mascarpone tarts
And yet another matcha post .... There is no such thing as too much matcha , right ?! 😁 Made any list on what to bake for Christmas dinner ? I was planning to make this tart an all  matcha affair ,  using matcha milk jelly instead of strawberry . The tart ...

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Matcha mousse tarts
How's November treating you so far ?  Me ? Not so kindly sigh I'm a bit under the weather right now , the coughing fit that just won't stop !$#@*% ugh !  But that didn't stop me from enjoying some of these pretty drool-worthy goodies ! Ha !  Hey , I'm not...

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Banana-green tea muffins
Somewhere in other parts of the world , people are in a tizzy over their Thanksgiving spread ..... Meanwhile , somewhere in Hongkong ...... This is my to-go banana muffin recipe whenever bananas are on sale at the supermarket . I seldom buy this fruit for e...

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Purple sweet potato and yogurt cream tart
Time flies when you're doing nothing ..... Need to take advantage of the mild weather we have here . It's easier to make pastry crust when it's 25ºC so , no French words were uttered in making this wonderful tart lol  Making this tart is pretty straightforw...

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Gyudon / Japanese beef rice bowl
One of my favourite Japanese beef dishes is gyudon , a sweet and savoury simmered beef and onions served on top of steamed rice . A quick and simple dish that you can whip easily in one pan and in less than 10 minutes cooking time  ! How's that for fast foo...

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Spookily cute cupcakes aka double chocolate mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
Trick or treat ?!!!!! It's almost that time of the year again ! Most people in this side of the world don't celebrate Halloween so , no trick-or-treating   if your neighbours are mostly locals , except , of course , in those estates where a high concentrati...

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Chicken karaage / Japanese fried chicken
I think this is my 3rd chicken karaage post . There is no such thing as too much Japanese fried chicken , right ? 😀 Karaage ( kara-ageh) is a technique of Japanese deep-frying , you just simply dredge the seasoned ingredients in flour or potato starch and ...

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Snowskin mooncakes with purple sweet potato and cream cheese filling
Most Chinese festivals revolve around food and Mid-Autumn Festival is no exception . Mooncake is a must during this festival here in Hongkong . Baked mooncake with salted egg yolk filling is still popular as ever but the snowskin version which is similar to...
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