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Hey guys, sorry we haven't posted anything new in a while but if you want more Phaedra and the Minotaur why not check out our facebook page:

Sorry guys but there is a little problem with our trailer. Kerry Muzzey the artist of the song we used has removed our trailer off youtube for copyright. We are currently trying to resolve this issue so stay posted.

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Our official trailer is finally here! Be the first to watch it and give us your feedback!

After 8 hours of editing and many caffeinated beverages our official trailer is finally complete! Be sure not to miss it!

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The winner of the £20 is, Ash Betton!
Runners Up, Livia Darbyshire, Connor Heelis and Ben Jenkins we shall buy you chocolate of your choice!

The winner of the photo entries is, Luke Nelson!
Runners Up, Sarah Wilks, Mark Gilbert and Antony Bowker we shall also buy you chocolate of your choice!

Thank you for everyone who took part today, it was really great to see so many people interested and we hope that you had fun!
Don't forget to watch out for our trailer being released on Monday 22nd October!

Thank you!
Titan Productions
Phaedra and the Minotaur

Long day at college using our viral marketing campaign 'find the minotaur' game. Pictures and information on the day will be posted later on tonight after we have chosen the winner. Stay posted

R.I.P Little Laptop. 
We sent the laptop to a computer expert and sadly we heard the worst. Frankies laptop has died and we can not recover any of the data from the hard drive. We are planning to re-film this weekend as we have lost all of the shots from the Maize Maize. Sorry for the delay everyone but stay posted for some good news soon!

We may have hit a snag in our operation...
The laptop that we are using to edit and store our footage has packed in. Thankfully we still have around 60% of all footage but all the footage that we filmed at the Maize Maize is still on the laptop. We have sent it to be repaired and we hope the laptop a speedy recovery. But stay posted for more details soon! Have a good day everyone! 

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The official Google+ Page for Phaedra and the Minotaur
Be sure to check it for exclusive content!

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Still not seen our unofficial teaser trailer? Why not watch it now! 
Our first official teaser trailer will be out this weekend so stay posted to get exclusive access before anyone else!
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