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Google Home, the hands-free smart speaker alternative to Amazon Echo, offers great potential to assist older people in their homes, particularly for those with visual impairments, who find it difficult to move, or who struggle with touchscreen devices.

This guide covers ways in which older people can make use of Google Home (controlling the home, everyday reminders, searching for answers, communication, entertainment, shopping, etc.), benefits of this particular product for older people, alternatives to Google Home, and some watch-outs for older people when using voice-controlled devices.

Would you consider setting up Google Home for your elderly relative or neighbour?
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The importance of setting a realistic website redesign schedule.
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Refreshing video where +Heena Modi gives an insight into her vegan journey so far, challenges she's faced and her firm resolve to help others #LoveLivingVegan.
I am grateful to Amanda of 365 Vegans​ for interviewing me recently.

Here are the questions that Amanda asked me:-

~ What is it like being vegan in London?
~ We have heard that a lot of people go vegan but then go back to eating meat. Why do you think that is?
~ Do you think people would be more consistent with veganism if they had more support? 
~ Tell me about you being a vegan coach.
~ What do you offer as a vegan coach?
~ A lot of people say "just go vegan" do you think that helps?
~ Is there a link between Jainism and veganism?
~ Do you have any tips for people that want to go vegan?

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My dear wife, +Heena Modi, has carefully prepared a handy recipe book for beginner vegans, or for those who would like to cook for them. The recipes are easy to follow and the meals turn out to be delicious (yes, she practised on me loads!)

You can download it now on your Kindle (also the Kindle App) via Amazon, for FREE, until the end of June (this Tuesday).

UK link:

US link:

Once downloaded, please leave a kind and honest review and do share the links on so that others can benefit.
Download this book between 26th & 30th June, while it's free! 

It has been put it together for:-
~ vegans who need inspiring in the kitchen
~ non-vegans who like to try out new ways of eating &
~ for vegetarians and omnivores who want to cook for vegan friends or family

Just one share your thoughts by leaving a review on Amazon?

You can find the book here -

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Great step-by-step guide on adding Google Calendar to your Wordpress website.
Want to present training or fundraising events on your Wordpress website? Here's how to add Google Calendar in WordPress.
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Documentary: Life after suicide

Insightful documentary about why some people take their own lives and how those who love them come to terms with the loss. (60 minutes) 

Available on BBC iPlayer until 16 April 2015.

It will give an understanding of the common reasons behind death by suicide, how to talk to children about it and support available to work through the grief.

"They (the children) might never get over it, but they can adjust, learn to live, and learn to live alongside what has happened."


Related useful links from the documentary:
* Professor Rory O'Connor at University of Glasgow, the world lead on suicide prevention -
* Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS) - support groups across the UK -
* Maytree (North London) - a refuge for those with suicidal thoughts who feel isolated -
* Winston's Wish - support for bereaved children, young people and their families -

Further information and support available at
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Interesting article about trust, from a vegan perspective. A retailer could be doing so many things well, but it's all in vain if the basic aren't covered.
I'd love to hear your views about this article "To Pret or not to Pret"

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How effective leaders mind the gap...

Upon having a great vision and sharing it:
1. Make it safe for people to talk about their fears.
2. Focus the team on the next milestone (keep milestones close enough - e.g. 1 month away - so the next one doesn't feel too far).
3. Build capabilities - through resources, money, skills, people, coaching.
4. Attend to opportunities as well as risk.
5. Break down silos - allow for horizontal communication and decision making.

(Leadership: Mind The Gap | Michael Hollewand | TEDxSouthBank:
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Vegan-friendly friends: on this last day of #Veganuary, visit to stay light-hearted for the rest of 2015.
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Want more brilliance in your life? Eliminate the 'buts'.
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