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Extraordinary Chromebook Wizards - Sharing the Magic
Extraordinary Chromebook Wizards - Sharing the Magic

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Dev channel update:

Version 31.0.1621.1 dev
Platform 4647.0.0 (Official Build) dev-channel link
Firmware Google_Link.2695.1.133

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See the discussion over on Chromebook Central:
I have just tried out the new +Spotify browser-based player, and it works on the #Chromebook! Hooray! Today is definitely a red letter day!


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Hooray for #Chromies !
Today I am attempting to do a full days work in my office 'armed' only with an ARM Chromebook (see what I did there?).

I am now half way through the day and felt the need to augment it with a wide screen monitor via HDMI and a wireless USB mouse - I wouldn't need to do this at home, on my lap, but felt needed for a work environment.

I do most work via a browser so it felt very nice but I used many more tabs than usual and so was pushing its memory (causing awkward tab reloads). Also playing music simultaneously via Google Play Music. The memory issue is the only important issue I found which may be addressed by OS improvements or opting for the higher-memory model - the 550 or perhaps the Chrombox. I shall continue and see how far I can go.

#Chromebook #ChromeOS

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The Google Chromebook unboxing and initial impressions video is here!

Thanks for liking and sharing!

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Hangout On Air: Chromebooks: The Palo Alto Libraries Story

Curious about Chromebooks? Here’s your chance to hear about real business use cases, how Chromebooks work, and how they scale. We’re taking you straight to the source with Department Director for Palo Alto Libraries, +Monique le Conge Ziesenhenne, and training and deployment specialists from Dito, +Jim McNelis and +Jay Lee. You’ll learn why Monique picked Chromebooks to replace their computer lending system and how Dito helped them scale quickly and easily to 42 libraries.

Join us On Air Wednesday, September 12 at 1pm PST or watch the recording after we’ve wrapped. 

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Dev Channel Update for Chrome OS

from Google Chrome Releases by Danielle Drew
The dev channel has been updated to 22.0.1215.0 (Platform versions: 2650.0.0) for Chromebooks (Acer AC700, Samsung Series 5, and Cr-48).  This release contains functional and stability improvements. 

Highlights of these changes are:
UI improvements on start and lock screens
Known issues:
32909 - Purchasing additional data for a Verizon 3G account is currently not functioning. Workaround:Contact Verizon to purchase additional data.
32766 - Cr-48 machines will go through the out of box sign-up experience after this update, however all data and settings on the machine will be preserved.
32906 - Cr-48 machines fail to save new users where the new user is created and the system is not restarted prior to the next autoupdate. Workaround: After creating a new user, reboot the system and check that the user still exists.
32922 - Connected hidden network is unavailable immediately after resume. Workaround: Wait several seconds for the network to become available.
32923 - OpenVPN with no-OTP does not allow login with a correct username/password.
138967 - Photo editor will not complete edit actions.
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