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Cassandra Lynn
I deal with the real if it's artificial let it be!
I deal with the real if it's artificial let it be!

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So I put some thought into the vacation I'm taking. And this is what I came up with: cabin, lake, end of summer. I'm black, I've seen the movies. I don't stand a chance...

This tension headache really needs to make an exit. Day 4 of this junk is enough to make a person go postal...

I don't support a lot of local shit cause cats be acting like arrogant assholes.

I hate waiting for a package. And the worse part is the tracking process is a severe teaser...

I just got a spotify invite from Talib Kweli! I mean it wasn't personal or anything, but he offered them out and I got in! WORD!!!

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Just a side note for the artsy fartsy people. The art pads (i.e; watercolor, bristol or acrylic paper) are 5.00 for any 9x12. Plus there is a 20% off your entire purcase including sale items coupon out there too...

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