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Harriet Leslie
Onomast and all-round philologist
Onomast and all-round philologist

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The project
My name is Harriet Leslie and I am a postgraduate student at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland, studying MSc Publishing. As part of my course I am pitching a new edition of a book for publication and am looking for an illustrator to work on it. Given the nature of the project there is a chance that it will not be picked for publication. However, this would be a great opportunity for a collaboration between our two courses.
The book
“Ransom for a Knight” by Barbara Leonie Picard, first published in 1956 with illustrations by C. Walter Hodges. The story follows ten-year-old Alys and her friend Hugh as they travel through medieval Britain to rescue Alys’s family who are being held prisoner in Scotland. This edition would be the first to be published in the UK since 1974.

What I’m looking for
One small illustration to go at the beginning of each chapter, amounting to 24 illustrations in total. I am open to different styles and would be looking to meet up and discuss the project further as well as the possibility of payment.

Are you interested?
If so, please let me know by Wednesday 11th December.
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