Journalist +Liz Gannes contacted me today and asked for an interview. I Googled her and found this interview with +Vic Gundotra and +Bradley Horowitz she did on on the day Google+ launched. I had not seen it before. Liz asks the reasonable question: why did Google launch before the project was polished? (You can't even collapse posts man! haha. That's my issue, not Liz's) But Brad notes that they'd hit a wall in terms of learning what they could without real user testing. Very wise move, in my opinion. Did Google+ expect people to get big groups of followers so quickly? Did they expect conversations to grow so long they'd need to be able to collapse them? Probably not.

And there's definitely a lesson for startups/entrepreneurs in this: it's always good to get users on your product before you go too far. Nine times out of ten, you'll find that your early adopters show you use cases you never dreamed of. Websites are like people. They grow and evolve, but without enough interaction they wither and die. The key for the Google+ team now is to just make sure this thing doesn't grow out of control!

Side note: Both Brad & Vic mention in this early interview that the point is to make Google better--to make Google PLUS. This was my first sense of things I described in my Jul 3rd posting that Mashable turned into a story. I didn't realize the Google team was already describing it that way. Paints a clear picture of their vision and mentions their humility. Nice one / worth the read :)
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