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happy national peanut butter day

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forgive me, bluebird; it wasn't you, it was me, all me
I've always been quick to remind my sweet Shelby that her birth was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.  Long and painful and just plain hard. True, she was round as a watermelon, so the old saying... And she was late. And I was tired before I...

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happy birthday, daddy, sleep well
I love my daddy.    He would be eighty years old today. Daddy had a favorite joke he told us when we were little about an Indian, a doctor, and a tepee.  This joke has one not so nice word in it and when I was in the third grade I told it to my teacher and ...

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letter to my pregnant daughter
Dear Delia, I think, but I'm not certain, the last time he wrapped his chubby hands all the way around my neck- all the way till his hand lay flat right at the center of my throat- was on a walk to the mailbox on a hot afternoon.  But I'm not certain.  Not ...

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what makes you a woman part 2
Hey, it's Shelby again.  If you didn’t read
yesterday’s post, I would advise you to before starting today’s! So…. Where were we?
Oh yes, me becoming an AUNT! Delia and I are
extremely close, wouldn’t want to do life without her. I love her to death; her

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and how does a baby turn twenty-six when all you did was blink?
This was twenty years ago.  First tooth was missing and moments after this picture was taken you'd break your arm for the first time. Five years ago when you turned twenty-one I wrote these words - Words won't even come that seem powerful enough to express ...

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when the world hits hard
My friend writes beautiful truthful godly words here . Highly recommended reading when the world hits hard.

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when you are trying to raise a son into a man that sees
I want to raise a boy into a man  that sees. I send him over to ask if it's okay.  He runs back all smiles -  yeah, Mommy, she says I can. So he is changing clothes and bug spraying when my phone rings. Marie, Max just knocked on my door and asked if he can...

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when you can't believe in statistics because how can you bear that?
It was 2001 and Judy walked up to me on the right hand side by the front doors and said,  You should direct Vacation Bible School.   God told me so. It was more of a command than a request. Now, fourteen years later, I've been to Japan and the United Kingdo...

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Pilgrim the Musical
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