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Carin Jacobsson
Culture & arts manager and Photographer
Culture & arts manager and Photographer

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During Easter, Thursday 17th of April to Monday 21st of April, I have a 10% sale in my etsy shop. It's 10% on everything if you shop for more than 120 SEK (the cost of one earring). That means for example 180 SEK (Swedish Krona) instead of 200 SEK on notebooks.

All you have to do is use this coupon code: EASTER14

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You can now also find photo products in my etsy shop!

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Check out my etsy shop :)

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Oh, read the poem. I can relate to this. And the shot, so lovely!
There are Monsters

read as you would Dr. Seuss

Someone Once told me
That I’m too Naïve
Too trusting, too gentle
Too willing to believe
There are Monsters out there
In the dark of the Night
You might not recognize them
And they’ll think that’s all right
They’ll find out your weakness
And come up with a plan
They’ll sweet talk and romance you
But it’s all just a scam
They’ll have whispers of friendship
And really great hair
But they’re really just sucking you
Into their lair
They’ll hide their sharp fangs
Beneath their disguise
They are really quite clever
At covering their lies
When you finally find out
It can make you quite sad
It can hurt all your feelings
And make you feel bad
So Lock up your feelings
Put a guard around your heart
Lest they find a crack
And tear it apart
So I have to admit
That I AM too naïve
Too trusting, too gentle
With My heart on my sleeve
But I refuse to become jaded
Or put up a wall
There are people in life
Who aren't like that at all
For that I am grateful
And I’m happy to say
Thank you for the people
Who give love every day

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Such a cool illusion, can you see it?

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An old home by the sea at sunset...  
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