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Blog Hiatus
Well, friends. It's time to face facts. I haven't been an active blogger of late, as you may have noticed. Life got in the way. My day job and writing have taken priority, and something had to give. Image: Courtesy of Paul Drummond via Flickr So after consi...

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December Releases
  HISTORICAL ROMANCE   IN SEARCH OF SCANDAL London Explorers, Book One By Susanne Lord December 1, 2015 In 1850’s London, the city is abuzz with the tale of Will Repton. The
lone survivor of a massacre in Tibet has returned to England a hero,
but the trau...

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November Releases
  HISTORICAL ROMANCE   THE IRRESISTIBLE ROUGE The Playful Bridges, Book Four By Valerie Bowman November 3, 2015 Certain that no man wants a bluestocking for a wife,
Miss Jane Lowndes is careful to wield her books and her spectacles as
weapons against matr...

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October Releases
  HISTORICAL ROMANCE   SOME LIKE IT SCOT A Scandalous Highlanders Novel By Suzanne Enoch October 6, 2015 When a mad lass in trousers shoots at him, Munro "Bear" MacLawry
isn't sure what impresses him more-the girl's sure aim or her
irresistibly tempting c...

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A great contest!
Writers! Brush off your manuscripts and enter the 2015 Golden Claddagh today! No synopsis required, 30 pages for the entry (includes prologue).

$10 dollars for CHRWA members and $15 dollars for all other entrants. Entry must have romance (exception is Young Adult). Enter today!

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31 Days of Writing
For eight years the Syfy Channel has hosted a spooktacular scarefest known as 31 Days of Halloween. It's a movie-a-thon of over 600 hours of bloodcurdling programming between October 1-31st. I saw a promo about the event the other day on TV, and out of the ...

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September Releases
  HISTORICAL ROMANCE   THE DUKE CAN GO TO THE DEVIL Victorian Rebel Series, Book One By Kerrigan Byrne September 1, 2015 Dorian
Blackwell, the Blackheart of Ben More, is a ruthless villain. Scarred
and hard-hearted, Dorian is one of London's wealthiest, m...

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Belle (2014) The broad skirts of the mid-1700's needed necklines to match, and the
most popular style was wide and low, trimmed with a band of fine lace
called the tatez-y or "touch here". A bow at the neck was called parfait contentment , or "perfect con...

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August Releases
  HISTORICAL ROMANCE   LADY EMILY'S EXOTIC JOURNEY Victorian Adventures, Book Three By Lillian Marek August 4, 2015 Safe in the embrace of her loving family, Lady Emily Tremaine longs to
feel more intensely alive. Surely the magic and mystery of Assyria an...

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Walk Like A Man
Think of Queen Elizabeth I or Golda Mier and you just might see Queen Hatshepsut of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Her name might not come as easily on the tongue, but in her day she was a household word. In order to seize power when her half-brother husband died,...
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