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Matthew Taylor
Freelance writer, award winning film maker & all round trouble maker.
Freelance writer, award winning film maker & all round trouble maker.

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Blowing the lip on the whole Hampstead Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Scandal.
Blowing the lid on the whole Hampstead
satanic ritual child abuse scandal which was 100% covered up by the
demonically-controlled mass media gutter press and the 100%
satanically-controlled corrupt police, judiciary and the maniacally
psychopathic Mad-H...

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Blasting News UK reject David Cameron's Necrophilia article.

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PCC Katy Bourne is under investigation for Electoral Fraud
Sussex police have confirmed
they’ve started an investigation into Katy Bourne’s electoral
fraud, having received a complaint that she knowingly lied during the
May 2015 PCC election over her expenses claim. Alleged to have broken her oath of
office, Katy B...

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Appeal against the removal of my SSPCC blog by The Blogger Team
Dear Google Blogger Team, On the 12 July 2016 you removed my blog,  from
the internet, citing HARASSMENT as the reason for doing so. I am unable to contact you directly
concerning this matter because ...

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Sussex Police take down blog to cover-up their cover-ups.
Matt Taylor's blog Shadow Sussex Police
Crime Commissioner blogspot has been taken down for a second time,
following concerns three 'Special Reports' published
online, threaten to bring Sussex Police into disrepute. Following an appeal against the Google

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Prince William and George killed in a terrorist attack? A special report by Matt Taylor
Prince William and George killed in a terrorist attack? Controversial conspiracy
researcher Chris Spivey has made a chilling prediction in his new
article,  'So where does that leave Madeleine?'  that there
is a plan to kill Prince William and his son Princ...

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Calls grow for Katy Bourne to Resign
Calls for Katy Bourne to resign are
growing following a derogatory tweet, that the EU referendum is
a 'Modern peasant's revolt'. Having quickly deleted the
offending tweet she tweeted another in her defence saying, "I'm
a history major so its meant in that ...

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Katy Bourne Stand Down Now!
Katy Bourne has been robust in her contention of openness, fairness, transparency and integrity whilst performing her duties as the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, if this is the case, I believe she must stand herself down or be placed into a position...

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BREAKING NEWS: Katy Bourne interviewed under caution by the IPCC.
Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, is the first elected PCC in British history to be interviewed under caution by the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) in relation to a criminal offence. Holding on for dear life, Sussex Police

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Sussex Police ban blog due to harassment of PCC.
Sourced from UK Blasting News - Written by Chris Spivvey Sussex Police have banned a blog
on grounds of harassment against Katy Bourne, the Sussex Poli...
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