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If you want to maintain business as usual, you’ve come to the wrong guy.
If you want to maintain business as usual, you’ve come to the wrong guy.

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This podcast if crammed full of good ideas and solid advice for independent agencies.

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Mobile first - not just optimizing for mobile but designing for mobile.

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Happy Thanksgiving. May your turkey be moist and your leftovers plentiful.

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When audio works...
Why I love podcasting and the people who listen to my podcast even more.

A common anecdote I share throughout various presentations goes something like this:

The average visitor to my blog stays for 2:13 per visit.

*The average listener of my podcast listens for 27:17 per listen.

Though my podcast audience is only approximately 33% of my overall unique blog traffic, there is a 7:1 ratio in direct contacts via email or private social media message for podcast listeners versus blog readers.

+Jay Baer shared a similar experience around his podcast in our recent converation:

What does this tell us about attention?

If the value a given audience member applies to your brand is directly related to the amount of their own time they're willing to give to your content then the average audience member would have to read 13 blog posts to match one podcast episode.

This is why I love podcasting...

The audience is invested. They have made a commitment. They are giving legitimate time out of their day to you the content producer.

Audience investment.

When an audience invests in you, they believe, they hope, they desire you to put in your best effort.

As a podcaster, this is a responsibility.

This is your responsibility... to deliver.

You give. They give.

It's a true relationship.

A relationship unlike any other form of content medium.

Audio works because of the relationship that forms between creator and audience.

It's an undeniable bond.

This is why I love podcasting...

Find out more:

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I'm pretty sure this is the most comprehensive guide ever written on the topic of local SEO focused specifically on the independent insurance agent.

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Applies if you are a professional writer or just posting on a social site.

I have a couple of Ello invites left - Let me know if you are interested.

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Recognize this building - I know it as the Aetna building in Hartford, CT.

Share your story - how did you get started in insurance?

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Really good guide...lots of help.
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