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Oh wow. Yet another reason to prefer "vanilla" Linux kernels over the vendor's own hacked-up version. Not only will it be much newer, but the chances of it doing spectacularly stupid things like this is greatly reduced.

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Just out of curiosity, are people modifying the Concept software?
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I use it stock
I root it
I root it and install Xposed
I do more! (describe in the comments)

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Holy moly, so much work just to make a little tray. But the videography and editing is so good!

Such a shame he sounds like a presenter from Gardening Australia...

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My Cubietruck got a bit of an upgrade today with a  16GB Sandisk Extreme Pro microSD card. I've been running it on an old 8GB class 8 card for the last 5 months and hoped this would give it a good speed increase.

Well the Bonnie++ benchmark did show a speedup, but not by much. And hdparm reports a "buffered disk read" speed of only 21 MB/s, far short of the claimed ~95 MB/s on the packet. I'm thinking the MMC driver isn't properly detecting and setting up the right speed. Time to dive into the source code...
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Here's another server-class ARM board and surprisingly it isn't ARMv8. I'm sure it'll still be pricey though.

The article includes a charbax video, with the usual issues. Skip to around 1:30 to hear him talk to a Linaro guy about how they're planning to use the board.

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There's a nice car yard down on the highway that's lit up at night with powerful lights. I've previously shot some of the cars after rain with fast film (Delta 3200). So last month, after rain at night, I headed down with a tripod and much slower film.

Pentax LX
Rikenon P 1:2.0 50 mm
Kodak Ektar 100

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Words had different meanings in the past.

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The Doctor Who episode 'Blink' was on ABC 2 this evening. After it I did a search for 'weeping angels' on YouTube and found this yogscast about a Minecraft mod. I've watched a few of their other videos before and they're very entertaining. This one is a bit short and mostly involves them freaking out at the angels. Enjoy.

Minecraft - Weeping Angels Mod Spotlight

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Here's a short time-lapse video of clouds this afternoon taken from my balcony. I had to stop shooting and bring the gear inside because the clouds started doing what clouds often do - produce rain.

This is again made with photos every 15 seconds, but the clouds are moving by very quickly. In future I should set the interval a little shorter when there's stormy conditions.

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A documentary about Rolls-Royce jet engines. Fascinating stuff.

It's split into four parts, so be sure to find them in the list of suggested videos.

How to Build A Jumbo Jet Engine - 1/4 (Full Version)
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