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Is this a PR stunt, or do you think the US and Japan have some work to do tracking down hackers targeting China?
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Given the kinds of attacks and infections being described (bots, defacements, financial theft, etc.), geography and borders are fairly irrelevant. The US and Japan are as much a home for compromised machines and criminals as any other country, they're just statistically likely to have more of them...

When I look through my logs at the "background noise" of SSH scans, worm-based Web probes, etc., although there is a fair proportion emanating from CN, there is also a significant (and increasing) amount from US, RU, TW, JP and others.

What is heartening to hear, though, is that CNCERT may be making themselves more accessible, so perhaps I'll start reporting SSH scans and similar to them again (stopped a couple of years ago due to their lack of response).
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