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96% of IT staff say they don't trust their users. Are you surprised by this?
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Trust their users to do what exactly?
Lorne G
Conclusion: 4% of IT admins are unfit for their job.
But then, many users don't trust their IT staff either, which is a shame.
I think more than 4% are unfit. But more importantly, only 25% were actually solving the daily problems. 75% were probably too busy in the same old routine that they wouldn't have an opportunity to see any problems, which still probably occurred unnoticed. After all, admins are facing cuts and workload increases too.

We also have to remember motivation. People violate security for a reason. Sure, it may be shallow, personal and thoughtless, but it's a reason. A big reason in many systems is that the IT admin is often divorced from the reality of the business.

Stepping aside from the Facebook issue, people have data they need in media that does not comply with the security policies, so they (wrongly) work around them; they have something to send to someone and IT won't help them do it securely, so they send it insecurely.

The user has work to do that generally doesn't involve playing Tom Cruise in the secure room, and sometimes it can behoove the IT admin to throw away the Helpdesk script and be proactive. Help the user send something successfully and securely. Be aware that there will be people with memory sticks and plan a safe way of avoiding the problem. Of course it would help if the workload was light enough to allow this.
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