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"I feel it’s an invasion of my religious beliefs... I feel it's the implementation of the Mark of the Beast. It’s also an invasion of my privacy and my other rights."
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People need to get over this.  The good far outweighs the bad.  The second people sign into +Google+ they give up far more than the concerns here.
HS kids, you got some hacking to do.
I'm not behind them on the religious beliefs but it definitely represents a violation of their privacy.  And no, we shouldn't "get over this". We should tar and feather anyone who thinks we ought to convince our children that their rights don't matter and that we should just accept it as a new way of life. 
People need to stop knee-jerking over privacy.  One of the realities of this type of location awareness is that schools lose money if they cannot prove students are in class.  Through that lost funding class sizes increase, tuition and book fees increase.  This costs parents and school districts money.  If you value privacy over these simple teaching and financial realities then by all means go on banging the "privacy" wardrum.  People should read about this subject instead of preaching about privacy and the undoing of civil liberties with little to no clue what they are talking about.
Because privacy isn't important, +Simon Cousins ? Because our kids don't matter, only the funding of the schools? Nonsense! For the record, I've read and written about privacy issues online for the last 20-ish years...yeah, I have some clue as to what I'm talking about and I'm not making excuses as to why our rights are being stripped away.
Same people who complain about RFID tracking are the same that carry a mobile phone around with them 24/7. 

Religion has noting to do with this at all and too think otherwise is perhaps adding extra blinkers above and beyond the limitations you already impose upon yourself.
I don't carry a mobile phone with me 24/7 so you're wrong there(I resisted having a phone at all till this year), but you do have a point to some degree. We should have stopped the ability to be tracked that way a long time ago. That said, there is a difference between accepting something by choice, and having it forced on you. Refusing to do anything about it because you willingly chose to be tracked is significantly different from being tracked because that's the law. 

And religion doesn't have anything to do with it, you're definitely correct there. That was just them using the easy way out. The real issue at hand is privacy and whether we should be forced to give it up, not whether we've chosen to give it up in some situations.

FYI, I'm an atheist so that whole mark of the beast thing isn't even an issue for me in the least.
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