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6 weeks after Oracle fixed flaws in Java, Apple released an update to protect Mac users from the latest in-the-wild exploit targeting users of OS X
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Heh, too bad there's already malware out there taking advantage of the flaw.

Hopefully people with Macs are more diligent about updating. My guess though is they're mostly complacent about having a "bulletproof OS" and will take their time about it.
+Sean Cowen Why do you think so? OS X has a pre-set "auto-update"-feature, so I guess most users will update.
Aside from this, most Apple-users are early adoptors, always keen on the latest stuff.
Problem solved by removing AAPL hardware from household. Oh, wait...we don't have any.

AAPL is hostile to any programming system that doesn't bind you to their ecosystem; they were happy to use it to promote OSX until they decided they didn't need it anymore. They know that by simply refusing to do timely security updates, they can poison the well.

A replay of Microsoft's behavior in 1997, writ small...
+Gregor S. Microsoft has a preset up auto-update feature as well. That doesn't stop people from not getting updates.

Yes, I will acknowledge that a lot of Mac users are early adopters, but most Mac owners that I know own Macs so they don't have to "deal with updating all the time"
The problem with Java on OSX is AAPL took control of it, but then dragged its feet in porting updates to it. Dog-in-the-manger.
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