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2x02 Special Report: The Moat Farm Murder
Our pal Dr. Reba Wissner returns to
further educate us on All Things Twilight Zone Music. The focus here is Bernard
Herrmann’s chilling score for the classic radio drama “The Moat Farm Murder,”
which would go on to appear in several Twilight Zone episodes. ...

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2x01 "Comeuppance See Me Sometime"
This week Craig (finally) kicks off a
new batch of episodes with “I Shot an Arrow into the Air” and “The Rip Van
Winkle Caper,” two classic Twilight Zone s in which Rod Serling doles out cosmic
justice like a true karmic badass. And make no mistake, there w...

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1x17 A Postcard from Limbo 2: Postcard Harder
Jesus, does every
single episode need show notes? I say no. Morrissey also says no. Theme music:
“Neither Here nor There (3.1)” by Twin Loops “You Just Haven’t
Earned It Yet, Baby” by The Smiths (from the album The World Won’t Listen , copyright 1987 by Rou...

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VHS Cover Heaven
My love of the Outer Limits VHS covers borders on the irrational, so I thought I'd get 'em together in one big group shot. I'm considering have a 20x30 poster printed up....  Ain't they beautiful? The DVDs don't come close, and I don't expect the Blu-rays t...

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Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!!!!
Get out your sweaters and mittens, kids, because hell just froze over: The Outer Limits is finally coming to Blu-ray. And those cheap bastards at MGM are NOT the ones releasing it. The pic above kinda says it all. Here's hoping for audio commentaries by my ...

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1x16 "A Postcard from Limbo"
We’ve been nominated for a major award! Craig pauses his sabbatical to provide all the gory details, then breaks his silence about the future of the podcast (spoiler alert: it’s good news. I mean, it’s good if you like the show. If you don’t, well… what the...

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1x15 "Reba Wissner at Ithaca"
back!  Well, kinda sorta: this week frequent guest Dr. Reba Wissner seizes
control of the podcast to bring us   Music in The Twilight Zone: Hearing
Rod Serling’s Vision , a multimedia presentation she gave at New
York’s Ithaca College on February 17, ...

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1x14 "Auld Lang Zone"
Crown’s the name, swilling cheap whiskey and bugle-blowing’s the game. This
week we immerse ourselves in the Twilight
Zone classic “A Passage for Trumpet,” then revisit past episodes of the
podcast to write a few wrongs Quantum
Leap -style. Elsewhere, ...

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1x13 "The Night of the Mensch"
Shalom aleykham! Christmas may be over, but those eight crazy
nights of Chanukah are still in full swing! Join us for a delightful
conversation with our good friend Dr. Reba Wissner, author of A Dimension of Sound: Music in The Twilight
Zone . This is stric...

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1x12 "Feliz NaviRod"
Season’s greetings! This week Craig peers
beneath the tinsel on “The Night of the Meek,” not just a Twilight Zone classic but a perennial holiday must-see, then
flashes forward 25 years to see if the 80’s remake can hold a candle to it
(spoiler alert: it ca...
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