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When Government Healthcare (and S.S.) goes bankrupt then, and only then will this change.
By then, however, we'll all be in wheelchairs, sucking O2 and/or on insulin pumps.

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mTOR is changing humanity for the better.
Now, as much, if not more than ever, the strength of moral leadership needs to step forward and clear the way for mankind to Prosper, to embrace Liberty, and to pursue Happiness. 

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Multiple Choice:
A) Bad Things, from-time-to-time, happen to Good People.
B) What goes around, comes around.
C) There is a point where even Statists see the error of their ways.
D) All of the above.

(Oh, by-the-way Mr. President, Cancer has been cured. Just ask Jimmy Carter.)

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Here's who's behind what with this Thursday's Vote in Scotland.

There are three links:
The view from The U.S.A.-

If it is possible to stick it to the Labor Party, the unions and socialism in general... Maybe Scotland can do it. 
Maybe the rest of the world will take note. (Are you paying attention America?)

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The Goose was 16!

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