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#iOS   #Security   #Apple   #NSAbackdoor  

And still more secure than Android. This really scares me!

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Stavanger - Norway
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#GoogleGlass  on the bench. Is it too much? #atleticodemadrid  

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<3 football
Futbal on a Tokyo Rooftop

How cool is Auto-Awesome on Google+ ?  Oh man... thanks so much to the Photos team for making this happen.  You guys rock...  and, just by coincidence, I happened to be standing right by +Brian Matiash, the sweet bearded gaijin while I took this.  I was like, see that train?  All those layers of people?  I'm gonna auto-awesome this!  Or, rather, I'm just gonna upload a lot of photos and hope it gets auto auto-awesomed, and it did!

This futsal - futbal - futball - soccer field is about 8 stories up above the Shibuya station.  That train you see is about 3 levels up.  Everything else is, well, ground level.  

We had to get up on the 25th floor to take this photo.  Actually, there was a mild amount of subterfuge to get this photo.  Truthfully, there was a lot.  There was a significant amount of sneaking around like unfixed cats and card-key coercion to get to this spot.

And then after we got a few shots, Brian was having some trouble with reflections, so I jumped up on the window sill, disrobed, and held my clothes over the window to cut down on the glare.  At that point, I said, "I think we've taken this much too far."  And it was true because someone came in promptly and kicked us out.  While putting my clothes back on, I said, "It's okay, we are with the government," but this argument did not get us very far.  It did buy Brian a few more exposures, however, so it largely served its illusory purpose.

#100Tokyo   #CoolJapan  
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A flying lap before the season starts.

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The first-ever BMW X4
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