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John Horn
Historian of the Siege of Petersburg
Historian of the Siege of Petersburg

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Thanks, Greater Orlando Civil War Round Table!
Thanks, Greater Orlando Civil War Round Table, for the pleasant reception you gave my wife and me Thursday night, March 23.  My talk was on the 12th Virginia Infantry, the Petersburg Regiment, on August 19, 1864, during the battle of Globe Tavern.  Mahone's...

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The Petersburg Canon, Part V: Grant's Third Offensive at Petersburg
There are four main books on The Crater, the culmination of
Grant’s third offensive at Petersburg.  They all cover, in varying degrees of detail, Hancock’s thrust north of
James River to threaten Richmond and draw Confederates away from the Cockade
City, ma...

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The Petersburg Canon, Part IV: Grant's Second Offensive
Grant's second offensive, which involved the most ambitious movement of the entire siege, lacks its own book.  Despite that, two books cover actions that form part of Grant's second offensive.  I found them compelling enough that I set out to write a book o...

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John Horn commented on a post on Blogger.
I expect to level the same criticism at my book on August 1864. The digital info I'm finding on the 12th Virginia is amazing.

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The Petersburg Canon, Part III
There are two books one must read on Grant's first offensive at Petersburg, June 15-18, 1864. The first was by Thomas Howe, The Petersburg Campaign:  Wasted Valor, June 15-18, 1864 , written in 1988.  It provides a solid introduction to the fight and is par...

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The Petersburg Canon, Part II: The Bermuda Hundred Campaign and Butler's Attack on Petersburg
Prelude:  The Bermuda Hundred Campaign Two books cover much of the Bermuda Hundred Campaign, which lasted from May 5, 1864 until arguably as late as June 15, 1864, when Grant and the Army of the Potomac arrived at the gates of Petersburg. William Glenn Robe...

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Coming in August: "Judgment at Appomattox" by Ralph Peters
Ralph Peters, who brought to life the siege of Petersburg in his novel  The Damned of Petersburg , will have out the fifth and final novel of his eastern theater cycle, Judgment at Appomattox .  The book will cover the period from Fort Stedman (March 25, 18...

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The Petersburg Canon, Part 1: Histories Dealing with the Entire Campaign
There are really only three histories that cover the entire campaign.  They complement one another, because each takes a different approach. Hess, Earl J..  In the
Trenches at Petersburg:  Field
Fortifications and Confederate Defeat . 
Chapel Hill, N.C.:  U...

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Was Atlanta Really the Last Chance for the Confederacy? Or Did It Have Another Chance in 1865?
In beginning a draft of a book on the extraordinary maneuvers and events at Petersburg on June 22, 1864, I compared Grant's progress to Sherman's and assessed Joe Johnston as a poor choice for commander of the Army of Tennessee if the goal was to retain pos...

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Congratulations Brett Schulte on your Wonderful Website, Beyond the Crater
Anybody starting to write a book about almost any aspect of the Siege of Petersburg would do well to start by looking at Brett Schulte's .  This wonderful website puts many, many resources at one's fingertips.  It contains Official ...
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