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Audrey Scanlan
eleventh bishop of the episcopal diocese of central pennsylvania
eleventh bishop of the episcopal diocese of central pennsylvania
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It’s been more than a week since I
returned from the amazing youth event, EYE (Episcopal Youth Event) 2017 held in
Oklahoma City.  I am still hearing the
songs of the worship band in my head, laughing to myself at some of our
“inside” jokes among our delega...

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the stewardship of souls
\ I’ve just returned from the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) in
Oklahoma City, a triennial gathering of the youth of our Church for worship,
fellowship, study and prayer.  This was
my first time at this traveling event (last time it was in Philly) and it was

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I spent some time over the holiday weekend watching a show
on t.v. that featured a guide at the Gettysburg battlefield giving his talk about
the great three-day battle that claimed more than 50,000 lives in the War
Between the States.   The t.v. was on in

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busman’s holiday
The first
recorded use of the phrase, “Busman’s holiday” was in 1893 in the UK when it
was used to communicate the idea is that a busman , going off on a holiday, would most
likely take an excursion by bus ,
thereby engaging in a similar activity to his wor...

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mash up no volume
O n mornings when I make it to the gym, I spend time on the
treadmill.   Sometimes I spend my whole
gym-time on the treadmill, and other times I just do a 10-minute walking
warm-up before moving on to other exercises. No matter how long I am there, I always...

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bishop making
                                            I  have been away at the “Living Our Vows” conference this
week, a part of the College for Bishops, known sometimes as “baby bishops’
school.”  It is part of the formation
programs for bishops in our church and we...

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This Fragile Earth, our Island Home
GUEST BLOGGER! This week I have invited The Rev. Linda K. Watkins to share an essay that  she wrote in response to the decision last week for our country to withdraw from the Parish Climate Agreement. Linda's work in Environmental Justice is fueled by a pas...

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Remember the LCD from 4th grade math? You know, it was part of learning how to work with
fractions-   by finding the LCD, or lowest
common denominator, the adding and subtracting of fractions was made possible
by finding the smallest common number that was ...

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memorial day
The blog will be suspended this week in observance of Memorial Day. Pray for peace among the nations. O Judge of the nations, we remember before you with grateful hearts the men and women of our country who in the day of decision ventured much for the liber...

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a chicken in every pot?
In the
presidential campaign of 1928 in which Herbert Hoover ran against Alfred
Smith (and won by a landslide), he used the slogan: "If I am elected,
there will be a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage." Considering what happened just a year late...
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