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I just finished Ztable Jog buttons on my K40 Build. Its a great option for those that do not want to incorporate a LCD panel system. I have set my ZTable so zero is at the top and the travel of the lightobjects Ztable lower limit is around 110 on my table...These setting can be changed in the config file for smoothie.

You may have to play with these settings in your smoothie config file based on the way you have polarity set going to your stepper motor. I set this up like this so the ztable moves perfectly with how pronterface software is scaled. Z+ table moves up Z- table moves down Your setting might be different depending on how you connected polarity to the lightobjects Ztable stepper motor. I also set my limit switches probably a bit differently than what you may set be aware of these settings if when you try to do your rig if the table starts moving in the "wrong" direction play with the following setings:

gamma_homing_direction home_to_max #was home_to_min - my rig set to Home_to_max 
gamma_min 110 #was zero - my rig set to 110
gamma_max 0 #was 200 - my rig set to 0

I'm also very careful never to change the Zaxis while the other steppers are running - Don's concern for the current rating on the power supply is valid. If you are planning on doing an auto focus feature in the future, you may want to consider getting an alternate power supply. For me...My table I just wanted to be able to move it up and down manually. I will be measuring the current on the lightobjects stepper over this ensure I am not overloading my supply. I will post my findings as soon as I take the readings. Don thank you for documenting all of this...All of your posts are SO helpful. Its nice having all this info in one neat orderly place on the web...Thanks!
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