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Shelly Immel
Entrepreneur. Writer. Sometimes Blogger at The Big Life Project. I write coming-of-age novels about adults with messy lives.
Entrepreneur. Writer. Sometimes Blogger at The Big Life Project. I write coming-of-age novels about adults with messy lives.

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If you're wondering what the buzzwords "Blended, Distributed Learning" mean, or just looking for a good example of how so many moving parts can fit together, check out this case study from +Obsidian Learning. 
We were approached by a global Fortune 500 construction company seeking to revamp some key leadership training. Read the case study here:

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The more you give, the more you receive. #SomeThingsMoneyCannotBuy

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"...thinking is to be a corrective in our life — it’s not supposed to be a center of our life. Living is supposed to be the center of our life, being is supposed to be the center — with correctives around, which hold us like the skin holds our blood and our flesh in. But our skin is not a way of life — the way of living is the blood pumping through our veins, the ability to sense and to feel and to know. And the intellect doesn’t help you very much there — you should get on with the business of living."

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#mLearning - When it's awesome, and when it's not.
Did you miss out on last month's Obsidianchat special guest, Chad Udell from Float, join in the conversation about mlearning? Read the recap on our blog:

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#learningfundamentals #truedat "We only think deeply about things we care about."
"...understanding emotions is...about the meaning that students are making—that is, the ways in which students and teachers are experiencing or feeling their emotional reactions and how their feelings steer their thoughts and behavior, consciously or not."
"...meaningful learning is actually about helping students to connect their isolated algorithmic skills to abstract, intrinsically emotional, subjective and meaningful experiences."

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For anyone who creates, but especially for writers and song smiths, this interview peeks into Paul Simon's creative process. You will probably recognize "trial-ing and error-ing" and other bits as well.

"There's a lot of trial and error that goes into the record making process for me. Most of the time I enjoy it immensely, except for when I get frustrated and I'm 'trial-ing' and 'error-ing' but I'm more 'error-ing' than 'trial-ing.' You keep doing it until it feels right. And when it doesn't feel right, the ear goes to the irritant. The thing that doesn't feel rights eventually gets on your nerves to such a degree that you finally pull it out. It may take a while before you recognize that you really don't like a certain thing. Because you start off saying, 'It's okay. It's not my favorite part, but it's okay.' And usually that's about denial because you've worked on it a long time."

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mLearning Twitter chat at 2 PM CST on #ObsidianChat  - join us! or just lurk and hear what Chad Udell and the other experts have to say
What day is it?! #Obsidianchat day! Join us on Twitter, along with industry mLearning expert, Chad Udell from Float, at 2pm CT. This month's topic is mobile learning.

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"Back to Basics" on Instructional Design - fundamentals to always keep in mind for effective training design

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To prove your training is effective and worth funding, here are the evaluation fundamentals you need to bake into the design.
from +Monica Savage at +Obsidian Learning 

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Engaging learners--it's all about them.
"The first step, says Sadler, is to teach Socratically...asking questions and having students think out loud. This works much better than lecturing.
"Teachers who find their kids' ideas fascinating are just better teachers than teachers who find the subject matter fascinating," he says.
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