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The Tattler
 One Overlooked Cause of Chronic Pain Every sound structure has one thing in common: a strong foundation.  The foundation acts to balance and  support the weight above it.  Not surprisingly the body is a structure and it requires a sound foundation.   The body is also a biomechanical kinetic chain.  This means that improper movement in one joint will  interfere with proper movement in other joints.  So it begs the question, "what part of the body acts as  the foundation for the entire weight of the body and initiates the closed chain biomechanics?"  It's the  FEET. Your feet may be contributing to your chronic low back, hip, knee pain or other lower extremity  symptoms such as shin splints and plantar fascitis.  Don't let it. Custom orthotics may be all you need. Each foot has three arches.  The arches support balance and weight distribution.  They also allow for proper pronation and supination of  the foot which is required for walking, jogging, and running.  However these arches are susceptible to collapse creating improper  posture, an imbalance in weight distribution, and causes excessive pronation or supination.  Excessive pronation or supination can effect  further up the kinetic chain to your knee, hip, and spine.  Supporting these arches results in better balance, support and postural  integrity.  It could be the answer to your chronic back pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain, plantar fascitis, and/or shin splints. Custom fitted orthotics may be the simplest answer to alleviating your symptoms.  The process is simple and most insurance benefits  cover orthotics.  Stop suffering.   Schedule an appointment and together we'll determine if orthotics can help you. To Health!  Dr. Jamey Reichow
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