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Namecoin / Dot-BIT
Namecoin / Dot-BIT : a dns system, distributed, decentralized and censorship resistant
Namecoin / Dot-BIT : a dns system, distributed, decentralized and censorship resistant


Here is the first release of NMControl 0.4 !

Description :

nmcontrol is a python software that will provide services on top of namecoin like DNS, proxy, name (domain, alias, etc) registration and renewal.
It is composed of a daemon (nmcontrol) that communicates with namecoin and provide services, and a GUI (nmcontrol-gui) that manages the daemon.

It will allow you to :
- create domains, alias and auto renew them
- listen for dns requests
- listen for socks requests
- publish your services (in a namecoin record/namespace, services could announce themselves in the blockchain)
- etc

It is multi-threaded and designed with plugins, to enable each person to activate only what they need and what they want to share (for example, you will be able to share your DNS server with other people if you want).
Aim of this software is to allow people to easily build things/services on top of namecoin.

Current version supports :
- a flexible plugin system
- an rpc client/server to manage commands
- communication with namecoin

- a GUI (to manage domains, alias, etc)
- make required modifications for it to work on windows and mac
- advanced services like DNS and proxies
- automatic configuration of the OS
- provide binaries and install software

Links :
- sources :
- TODO :

Now that the base structure is done, I can focus on advanced services :)
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Namecoin v3.50 : faster & better
A new version of namecoin is available !

Project :
Files :

Improved performances :
* New index for names, created at first startup
* Faster name_scan (3x)
* Faster name_list (11x !)

New rpc commands :
* sendtoname : sendtoname <namecoinname> <amount> [comment] [comment-to]
- allow you to send namecoin to last owner of a name

* name_show : name_show <name>
- show only one name (same as name_scan "xx" 1) or nothing of name is not found

[* name_filter : name_filter [regexp] [maxage=36000] [from=0] [nb=0] [stat]
- filter names with regular expressions, height of a name (to get only names from last X blocks), to count names, etc
Examples :
* list all unexpired names
namecoind name_filter

* list all names in the d/ namespace
namecoind name_filter "^d/" 0

* list names modified last 150 blocks
namecoind name_filter "^d/" 150

* count names modified last 150 blocks
namecoind name_filter "^d/" 150 0 0 stat

* list 20 names from number 100
namecoind name_filter "" 0 100 20

Other :
* name_scan now only returns the minimum of data (8MB instead of 16MB)
* if index of names (nameindexfull.dat) is deleted, it'll be recreated at startup.
* default rpc port updated to not conflict with bitcoin
* config file renamed to namecoin.conf (it's never too late...). Still works with original name. Same for pid file.

Some really useful changes !
NamecoinToBind ( will be updated soon to benefit from this.

Check it out ! :P
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Some news about Namecoin :
* some work on the wiki has been done to make things cleaner, a lot more to do

* new and easy methods of browsing .bit domains are available (dns suffix and web proxy) :
Install in 1mn !

* a patch in namecoin improve speed of name_scan and name_list by 35% and 55% ! (

* OpenNIC and Dot-BIT are working together to provide more DNS servers resolving .bit and OpenNIC TLDs (

* update to namecoin to avoid dust spam (
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NamecoinToBind v2.1.3 released :
Fixed a bug of duplicate domains in forwards and zones that prevented a bind restart.
Avoid DNS censorship with the Dot-BIT project ! Join us !
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New namecoin faucet at
Get your first .bit domain for free with 2 faucets :
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4000 valid domains names reached yesterday !
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Namecoin Bundle : namecoin + proxy for firefox, IE & chrome

Aim of this bundle is to provide an all in one package that people can install to really use the decentralized part of the namecoin DNS system, instead on relying on external DNS or proxy servers. This is a first shot made with some existing tools, that only need you to be improved :p
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