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The Silent Eye, a school of consciousness
The Silent Eye is a new School of Consciousness
The Silent Eye is a new School of Consciousness


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Over the past year there has been a great paring back of the details of my life. Almost everything I had held as a given part of my life’s structure, all the familiar things and people, many that I loved and thought I needed in my days have been gently but firmly withdrawn, in joy or heartache, to make space for I knew not what.
I wrote to a friend last Christmas that I had the feeling this year would be a momentous one. I had the sense that things were moving and about to change. Gradually I began to see a pattern within it, and realised that I stood at a crossroads. I just couldn’t read the signposts.

However, over the years I have learned to trust these things, and sometimes there is a purpose behind them that simply requires an acceptance. Sometimes it requires more than that. A commitment to that purpose that is moving in an unseen current beneath the surface. A willingness to be and to give what is required to serve a higher design.

My personal dedication to serve the Light was made decades ago, in blithe but sincere innocence, long before I understood what that could entail or might require. I served at the Hearth fire, and thought that simplicity would be all that was ever asked.

There comes a moment, I think, in every life, where we stand, like the Fool, on the edge of a precipice. We can hold to the safety of the familiar… indeed, it seems that at this point the familiar life tries to cling about one like a shadow and draw one back to perceived safety. Indeed, only last night I was given an opportunity to step back into a haven of familiarity, relative security and normality.

But the reverberations of choice ripple across the aether as the tiny pebble of one’s life is thrown into the Waters of Creation.

It is at these moments that the realisation comes that one stands precisely where one is meant to be at this point in time, where the roads spread out behind, bearing witness to the choices one has made in the past, and the possibilities loom before one’s feet like a great chasm, or a doorway through which one cannot see.

It is a scary thing to leave behind that which one has known and step outside the expected pattern of life. But sometimes, just sometimes, we are given a brief glimpse of the need within the design. It is this need that has propelled us into the journey to build the school. One that has cut the ground of familiarity from beneath our feet and sent us out in search of that purpose, questioning many things we had felt were so ingrained as to be unchangeable, questioning methods and beliefs we hold dear, surprised quite frequently by what we find when we strip the veils of familiarity from our eyes and look afresh at what we have cherished.

We take ‘accept nothing’ as our watchword and seek to live what we will teach. We too are students, learning as we journey into this unfamiliar landscape, leaving tracks in the sand that others may follow. We have stepped out of the mould to place our feet on the path ahead, for one cannot complete a journey until one has taken that first step.
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Going Solar

On Facebook this morning was a lovely picture of a golden sky. My attention, as my friend of the Glastonbury jaunt will tell you (pithily I suspect after seeing me make a beeline for anything solar coloured as we shopped) is caught by the golds and oranges of the sun these days.

The image was overlaid with a quote from Milton “ Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.”  I had, moments before, been writing of this precise concept though in far less beautiful words and it echoes a post written a few days ago. This courage to see to the heart of the rightness of things has been a recurrent theme lately.

Events overtake us sometimes. Unexpectedly, out of the blue,devastating our lives. One can wake up to a normal day and within hours be redefining one’s normality for a lifetime. During what one could call the acute phase of such an event we tend merely to react, as emotion takes hold of us and we are dragged through a valley of pain, fear and uncertainty. It is difficult at such times to find a quiet space of peace within to truly evaluate what is happening.Impossible to see the possibilities inherent in the bigger picture.

(read the full article on the link below)
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The Silent Eye - a Charter of Intent

It can sound pompous to say that we are trying to create something new, something different.  We view ourselves as no more qualified than those light-bearers who came before us, who taught us so very well.  We reach for something new because we must - we have been bitten by a serpent and given a vision of a teaching for an age, and that dream we chase to bring it to manifestation.

What is it?  It is a glimpse that real knowledge of the Self, and of the gift of Consciousness inherent within it, can be approached in two ways - symbolically through the traditional teachings of the magician, with the vast but sometimes confusing treasure-house of the Qabala; or through another way, one quite ancient in its own right, and possibly more ancient than most.

This direct knowledge of Self is cultivated through a deepening awareness of how we behave in the world.  How truthful we are to ourselves and to others; how deeply we observe the passing of the various "personality selves" that eagerly grasp the controls of our lives and make decisions to do, or more usually, to "eat", in repeated patterns of habit.  By studying ourselves in the World with a new form of honesty, of personal truth, we come to build a space within, a Chamber of Active Silence, wherein we realise that the World is not actually painted on our eyeballs, but that there exists a tiny gap of real Self, that we can cultivate with specific guidance; and whose trail leads within - eventually to the inner Master of our own consciousness, returning to a house made tidy. 

This knowledge is not new - it would be the poorer if we had created it.  It comes from Masters of the ancient past.  But we can attempt to give it a new life and a new language for the digital age.

And we dare to do this, because it is needed. 

The Silent Eye teachings will comprise a twelve-lesson Foundation Course, to be studied at home at the rate of one lesson per month, with assisted distance-learning help from a personal Supervisor; and an Advanced Course, which will eventually cover three year's worth of detailed self-work.

Teaching Workshops will be held every six months, geography permitting, and online teach-ins will be held on a regular basis.  Each new student will also be allocated to a "Ring" - a group of students studying at the same level and linked by an electronic peer group operating on Facebook - The Silent Eye.  Students in the same Ring will be able to share experiences, successes and problems with other student members.  In this way we will build up a natural flow of students whose abilities are growing in a loving and friendly way.
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The Silent Eye is a new School of Consciousness, which aims to bring together  ancient teachings and an extensive and practical approach to personal ritual. The School also uses a series of personal pathworkings to bring the all important element of positive emotion into the studies.

These components are not chosen at random, but have been carefully synthesised to suit the needs of the Western student living in an age of great stress and world upheaval. They deliver a very liberating personal path, one that is not fanciful and certainly not fluffy. The approach is based upon a psychological journey, and uses daily exercises which get us to examine our attitudes to life and how our vital energies are stolen by mechanical behaviour, without having to withdraw into meditation.  Meditation is important, too, but The Silent Eye aims to build a Temple of the Moment into the student's everyday consciousness, in addition to the more usual withdrawn and contemplative approach, which we call the Temple of the Withdrawn.

If this interests you, please register with the site.  You need only provide your name, and email, and choose a screen name which will be the only visible identifier when you are on the site.

The Silent Eye will be publicly launching its activities to the esoteric world in April 2013, in a beautiful location in Derbyshire.  This event will present a summary of the teachings, together with creating the first "rings" - groups of students who work at the same level and assist each other via closed and secure Chatrooms on the internet. Teaching workshops will be given throughout the weekend.  If you would like to register a possible interest in this, contact us using the button on the main overhead menu of the website.

The Directors of the School are long-standing and senior figures in the mystical and magical worlds, and have created this body of esoteric learning to suit the changing needs of the 21st century student, who search for a rapid path to a personal perspective that will empower him or her to seek out the deeper mysteries of their own wonderful beings.
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