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Latest build booting and working on Z3! There are still screen glitches but apart from that working great and fluidly!

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"Time to roll, the answer floats on down the farthest shore
Of the mind
Roll the dice that sailed the ship and all the world will open
All this time" #AlternativeRock

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"'Cause this is what you've waited for
A chance to even up the score
And as these shadows fall on me now
I will somehow, yeah." #Songwriter

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"You wandered and lost the way
Someone's always left behind
When the door of life closes

And you were slipping away
What do I say to you?" #Sludge

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"Trying to find, you left me lost,
But I just want you home now,
Though, I'll see you again but,
I can't wait forever." #MathRock

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"We are everyday robots on our phones
In the process of getting home
Looking like standing stones
Out there on our own" #TripHop

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Un poco tarde para el #ViernesDeEscritorio, pero merece la pena para enseñaros este precioso tema de Firefox que ha hecho el creador de Arc y, por supuesto, el Wallpaper ^^
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