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'1 in 2 People in UK' will get cancer
A healthy lifestyle could lower the lifetime risk from 50% to 30%.

Well if you were watching the BBC news last night you will have heard that it’s predicted that at least half of the population will get some form of cancer.

Which is distressing, yet so many scientists now realise that the main cause is from 'free radicals' and how they destroy and mutate the life cells. The No 1 protector from free radical damage is antioxidants and not just from your fruit and veg. We are talking about super - antioxidants in a pure unadulterated form.

Click here if you want to know more about this, 
The very bases of life cell protection and renewal

What can we contribute?

Well a whole lot, even more than we can say !  Our face and body oils are pure unadulterated vital oils, that’s 100% super - antioxidants.

So, can massaging a super - antioxidant oil in after showering have the same impact as nicotine patches do or how pain killers go through the skin, well that's not for us to say but I make sure I use my body oil like a body lotion every day after showering.

It’s ironic that when you get cancer you’re told by doctors to stop using harsh chemical personal care products, why not stop using them before you get it?

As leading scientists say, introducing large amounts of antioxidants is preventive, well you can’t get any better than our ones 
Body massage oils & Anti-cellulite kit
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This antibacterial agent is everywhere: soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, and even clothing. Studies have found it can contribute to drug-resistant bacteria (i.e. superbugs) as well as harm the immune system, making us more likely to develop allergies. It also contaminates our waterways when it washes down the drain. Even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns consumers to read labels for triclosan and recommends using just plain soap and water. If you still prefer to use an antibacterial hand sanitizer, avoid those made with triclosan.

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