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Matt Widmann
2nd Shot is a repair/refurbish service for lovers and users of Polaroid SX70 cameras
2nd Shot is a repair/refurbish service for lovers and users of Polaroid SX70 cameras


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Welcome Back Polaroid!
I really don’t know where to start on this one… do I get all emotional and blubbery? Should I write something dramatic (too late)? Do I surpress all emotion and be “all business-like”? How about writing this in prose? Interpretive dance maybe? I’ll keep it ...

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Whut?! Free Camera?
Lot of cool news this post as 2nd Shot is approaching it’s first year being full-time (almost 6 years since this whole gig started!). We've been pretty quiet on social media to focus all attention on filling repair/sales orders but now that things are close...

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Et Erit Lux - Let There be Light
I took one year of Latin in high school.  Et erit lux (let there be light) and a few nouns are all I can remember. Oh, and semper ubi sub ubi which isn't even a proper Latin phrase but rather an inside joke to those that took time to learn the language. Tut...

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SX70 Instax - Film Adapter Thingy (I-FAT) Update
Hahahaha... I just wrote that title and did a spit take. That's really not what I'm calling it. Aren't we having fun? Pull up a chair, this might be a long one and I'm on allergy meds so try to decipher if you can. May saw a tidal wave of camera repair jobs...

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Springtime Update - There's Gold in Them Thar Hills...
Finally! A lot of the mush and slop is starting to dry up and there's some sunshine popping out a bit. Mother Nature is busting out saying "LET'S PARTAAAY!" (Robin Williams ref.). And here I am inside sneezing my ass off in front of a computer. Great. Grand...

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The Latest Haps
Just a quick reminder for those that stop by the blog on occasion... be sure to visit the new site at or the 2nd Shot Instagram feed for the latest projects and available restored cameras currently for sale. More blog related goodies com...

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Quick Random Political Thought...
Seeing how the blog has also doubled as a bit of a journal for me lately, I have to jot down a personal note to look back on in the future. Some may get pissed about it or disagree with, get offended, it seems pretty easy to rile people up on social media w...

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“Tested and Working” – Balance and Clarity Pt. 2
Ok I’ll say it – Happy New Year! And a week late too! In
fact, my last post was about four months ago which was just before I got up and
left my day job to pursue my 15 year long desire of becoming self-employed
doing some kind of trade skill work or whatev...

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Free Camera? Yes... Free Camera!
Now is a good time to head over to Instagram and start following 2nd Shot if you already haven't. We're giving away a free SX-70 Model 2 that's been modified to use 600 film. Also included in this giveaway is, you guessed it, a free pack of 600 film! The gi...

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2nd Shot Part IV: A New Beginning
For 80s horror movie buffs that’s a little homage to the Friday the 13 th   series… very formulaic but man, those poster titles were effective. [Title + Part _: = Tagline]. Great, now I’m gonna have to take a few hours to watch those again. Unfortunately ...
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