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Glenn Ryall
Content Writer, Student, SEO
Content Writer, Student, SEO

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We all are One
The Church is a universal body comprised of all kinds of
individuals, the young, old, weak, stupid, poor you name it all have the same
distinction, there is no such thing as elite class or lower class or Urdu
speaking or English, each individual is under on...

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A must Read!!!!

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Wake UP!!!
Pakistan is my Homeland, where lies my identity my
personality, a place which defines me to the fullest. I always have this patriotic approach towards my country and
this is the reason why the recent terrible incident in Peshawar left me devastated
and in c...

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A zombified Mitchum :D

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I bet you did not know about this!!!

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Pancake Tuesday – Not like your Ordinary Tuesday
source: In my childhood there came a Tuesday once in a year when I was
always presented with a delightful treat of pancake’s prepared by my
grandmother.   Though I never knew why pancakes were made but
just the inclusion of something diffe...

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Celibacy in the Clergy
 Celibacy in the Clergy - Grace from God or Madness In the Roman Catholic Church the undermining of celibacy for
the clergy that which is undertaken by priests, deacons and bishops is not
possible for the many people and also other religions to digest, as t...

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The Meaning of Advent
As Christmas approaches, the atmosphere starts to get more
vibrant, colorful and merry as families engross themselves in making sweets and
goodies while children start preparing for carol evenings and shopping out for
clothes.   During this time majority of...
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