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HTML5 is a great technology. Learn from HTML5 developers, consultants, and programmers.
HTML5 is a great technology. Learn from HTML5 developers, consultants, and programmers.

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FOR SALE:  The HTML5 Developers website is for sale. 

Unfortunately, we have not had the time to properly develop the community.  The site has good potential for someone with the time and passion to discuss HTML5.

We are willing to part with the site at a reasonable price.

In addition to the site, the company can possibly include the following domains (can be discussed).

If you are anyone you know has interest, let us know.  The site is owned by the Apparel Search Company.  You can contact us from our website.

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Apparently it is time to start learning about HTML5.1

HTML 5.1

A vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML and XHTML

W3C Working Draft 17 December 2012

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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the standardization body for the web, has announced that the web's latest version of its markup language, HTML5, has been completely defined. While the specifications of the language are not yet standardized, publishers and developers at least now know what it can and can't do. 

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Have you figured out your Zombie Survival plan?  What app would U create? Share your idea & enter 2 win! #excitedforVSL

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If you are going to the Visual Studio Live event in Orlando this December (Dec 10-14, 2012), you can use the HTML5 Developers discount code to save $500 off your registration fee.  The discount code is code UGVS6 

With 50+ educational sessions that are all built to prepare you for what's now, new and next in the .NET development platform, there is something for everyone. Tracks at Visual Studio Live! Orlando include:
    Visual Studio/.NET
    Windows 8/WinRT

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There is a new networking site built specifically for HTML5 developers, designers, programmers, and potential clients requiring HTML5 services.  The unfortunate aspect of the new site is that it does not yet have any members.  Without members, it is impossible to create an ecosystem to help us all learn more about HTML5.  If you have interest in learning or teaching about HTML5, please stop by the new site to create a profile.  Hopefully this will develop into a place of learning.  The site is found at

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"Speaking at a Run Better 2012 Forum in New York, Rob Enslin, president of global field operations for SAP, said the company plans to make extensive use of HTML5 across all of its applications. In fact, one of the first instances of the use of HTML5 in an SAP application will come in the form of a new SAP Boardroom Foresight application due out this May."

The above quote is from an article by Michael Vizard from today at

There is now an optimized version of AOL specifically for the iPad.

Built on HTML5, it’s designed to simplify navigation and to showcase the most popular news, entertainment and other content from sources such as AOL's Huffington Post without leaving the page.

Users can also listen to music, watch videos and preview messages from AOL mail from there.

+Robert Scoble interesting thought on HTML5. Not sure if I fully agree, but certainly good to see your points. Please add me to your circle. I could not figure out how to add comments on you page your regarding your HTML5 post from today.

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"HTML5 canvas" always a good thing. Good job +Andrea Rossi and +Google Chrome
Quick quiz: what does y=tan(x) look like when graphed on the X-Y plane? How about y=x^(1/2), or y=cos(x)?

This Chrome Experiment by +Andrea Rossi brings familiar functions like these to life by interactively drawing them to the HTML5 canvas with stunning effects. Adjust the speed, function type, and a host of other criteria, and watch as “RotaTron” produces colorful drawings with dizzying complexity. After you’re done, you can export your creations as an image -- check out the one that the team made below.

You can create your own “RotaTron” drawing here:

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