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Business Email Append - Getting More out of Your Marketing List

Your business database comprising prospects and customer contact data is simply the most valuable marketing resource at your disposal. These contact lists are mostly collected through carefully planned engagement strategies like seminars, trade-shows, co-registration and other incentivized campaigns. Studies show that every new contact acquisition costs $3-$5. For maximizing the returns out of your marketing campaigns it is imperative that your list contains close to 100% of your marketing contacts. But it is often noticed that company databases have as high as up to 80% missing emails.
We at AppendSolutions help you append that critical EMAIL to your marketing database. AppendSolutions has been offering its top of the line Email Append Services to its Clients with very high success rates.
The value of a marketing database can be enhanced multi-fold by the addition of emails. Given a scenario today where email is the fastest, most cost effective and measurable channel of direct marketing communication, businesses have realized the growing importance of having Email Append as a mandatory component of their online marketing mix. AppendSolutions has been a front runner in the Email Append sphere with a global business database of over 40 million which forms the backbone for all matches done for client databases. By matching these against our Master Database we have averaged match rate of 60%+ with deliverability Guarantee of 100% against any hard bounce… With our proprietary software tools and a strong data team, we provide the Best Append Rates in the Industry.
Why Email Append

Email Append enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively improve your email marketing programs by expanding your reach, lowering your cost per contact, and increasing the net contribution and profitability of every campaign.
Following are some of the benefits of Email Append:

Reduces Communication Costs
Reduces Response Time
Deploys marketing campaigns faster and receive more quantifiable results
Expands your marketing options
Supports your direct mail initiatives (email in conjunction with direct mail has proven to increase overall response rates).
Our Business Email Append Process

Simply put, we match your list of missing email addresses against our Master Database of 40 Million contact records. Wherever a match is found we append emails from our Master Database to your list, run verification, send out permission mailers and deliver the list to you
AppendSolutions maintains updated address information for all records in its Master Database. Our data sources include Postal files, SEC filing reports, Industry Association lists and Affiliate Data among others. We also work on social media, micro-site and co-registration strategies to improve on the overall information profile and opt-in rate of the list. Structured communication is sent to the contacts in the database seeking permission for relevant mailers and notifications to be addressed. The communication that is sent to each contact is personalized and evaluated for relevancy and authenticity, be it on our behalf or on behalf of our clients.
Our database volume is close to 40 million business contacts worldwide with prime concentration on North America (US/Canada) and UK. With continuous error checks and updates we are able to keep our accuracy rate on the data at 95% at all times. Our huge internal data volume coupled with the accuracy of our data ensures that you receive the best match rate for your business files.
Email Append ProcessEmail Append Process
Identification & Upload of Input File
Client Records without Emails are identified by the Client. These records are then uploaded or emailed to AppendSolutions for Email Append. These contact records can be sent in any file format as desired by the Client. AppendSolutions accepts data files in all popular file formats. The Client Input File typically contains the Contact Name, Company, and Address. Any additional data in the file helps in achieving a better match and higher append rate.
2Match & Append
Upon receipt of the input file, AppendSolutions formats these records in a file format which is easily readable by its internal proprietary match software. These records are then matched with AppendSolutions Business Master Database based on various factors to identify the right contacts. Once a contact is identified, the emails are appended from the Master Database to the Client’s input file.
3Data Verification
The Client’s Input file with appended emails are then passed through a rigorous verification process. Though the Master Database is updated on a regular basis, AppendSolutions checks the deliverability of every email that’s appended to the Client’s Input File. AppendSolutions uses both automated and manual processes for validating the appended emails.
4Introductory Permission Campaign
The appended Client File contacts with valid emails are sent an introductory permission message on behalf of the Client. This message is sent out primarily to seek permission from the recipients about the Client’s interest in establishing email communication with them. These messages have multiple unsubscribe options and a recipient can choose to unsubscribe from receiving communication from the Client. The contacts that have chosen to opt-out are flagged
5Upload & Delivery
The Client Input File is now complete and uploaded to our secure server. The Client can now download the completed file by using unique secure username and password provided to them.
To learn more about our Business Email Append Services, Contact Us
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The Digital Marketing Training Course is a step-by-step guide to getting your digital marketing career up and running. You will learn how internet marketing  fundamentally works and how to use popular tools to bring more qualified traffic to your website.
There are several digital marketing courses in the market but there is only one which teaches you real world skills and gives you a chance to practice them. This is the most comprehensive digital marketing course covering everything from SEO to Email marketing and tools that professional digital marketers use.  The course also covers social media marketing including facebook ads, facebook pages set up and promotion strategies, Vine, Instagram, SnapChat, Yelp, Linkedin and Twitter. There is a separate module on YouTube marketing with live case studies that teach you how to rank your videos high on Youtube.
You also get the opportunity to promote real products / websites so you can master the concepts by actually implementing them. 
The course is taught by Bing and Google certified professional with over 5 years of digital and mobile marketing experience in India and US markets.
·         20 Hours Total Duration
·         6 Classroom Sessions of 2 hours each
·         4 online sessions of 2 hours each
·         You will also get access to online learning material for six months
Internship Opportunity: 
·         3 month Internship
·         Promote real product / website
·         Work with a mentor
·         Get Experience letter
Extra Support:
·         Email support to remove doubts
·         Mentoring support 
·         6 month access to online material
Course Content:
·         SEO
·         SEM
·         Social Media
·         YouTube
·         Email Marketing
·         Landing Pages
·         Analytics
·         Other Tools used by digital marketers
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Learn Digital Marketing With 3 Month Internship.
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Awesome song ...Its only for u
+Salman Khan singing Tu Hi Tu Har Jagah Kyon Hai

Phenomenal singing by +Salman Khan .  Very touchingly sang
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Mobile marketing is indeed becoming very important. In my experience, the most effective channel is to have your own mobile app. You can use one of the several do it yourself type mobile app builders to build your app. Or you can use a semi-automated service like , which gives you a custom app at a great price. You can always hire a programmer to build one for you but that would be also the most expensive option. 
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