Last week, Sally Morgan -- a performer who bills herself as "Britain's best-loved psychic" -- sued the publisher of the Daily Mail for £150,000 for printing an article suggesting that she and other self-proclaimed psychics might be using trickery rather than mystical powers when they appear to talk to the dead.

Maybe the Mail's article (by magician and former psychic Paul Zenon) really did damage Sally Morgan's reputation so much that she needs the money. The irony is that just after that article was published, when the allegations that "Psychic Sally" was a cheat were front-page news, our organization along with peer organizations in the UK offered her $1,000,000 and the chance to clear her name, simply by proving her powers were real. Yet, she declined. Why?
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I'm sure the vast majority of "psychics" know their powers are not real.
as far as i understand it your more likely to have spectral activity if your extreamily gullible.
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It is a little unnerving to think that these self deluded charlatans have so much influence on peoples lives. I know of one person (a friends mother) who does not make any decision without first consulting her psychic first, guess what, her business went bankrupt. Didn't see that one coming :-S
You can't really trust the majority of so called fortune tellers out there. Why? You can't validate that they're psychic without either being psychic yourself or putting them through a series of monotonous tests. Even then, psychics don't have a 100% hit rate; if they're accuracy is even 60% correct, their incredible. People expect too much from them. So, take what they say with a grain of salt, even if they're legit, they might not be right 100% of the time.
Or, as Dara O'Briain once said : put all psychics, homeopaths and priests in a burlap sack and just beat the hell out of it indescriminately, because bullshit is bullshit :)
+Kyle Gonzalez: Let the psychics do their thing... there are worse people in this world, like bankers and politicians.
(Oh, and of course, the people who vote for the same two parties their entire lives... but those are not to blame --- after all, it's not their fault they were born with severe brain damages.)
Working on the assumption that they know that they are lying to people, unless they are seriously self deluded, they are all scum and should be treated as such bares teeth
James Randi you're just gr8, keep debunking those charlatans who prey on gullible ppl around the world
en  la fotografia donde James Randi aparece con los cientificos e investigadores, en ella estan dos con barba, uno de ellos tiene cancer. prueben lo contrario los  Rendi