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Last week, Sally Morgan -- a performer who bills herself as "Britain's best-loved psychic" -- sued the publisher of the Daily Mail for £150,000 for printing an article suggesting that she and other self-proclaimed psychics might be using trickery rather than mystical powers when they appear to talk to the dead.

Maybe the Mail's article (by magician and former psychic Paul Zenon) really did damage Sally Morgan's reputation so much that she needs the money. The irony is that just after that article was published, when the allegations that "Psychic Sally" was a cheat were front-page news, our organization along with peer organizations in the UK offered her $1,000,000 and the chance to clear her name, simply by proving her powers were real. Yet, she declined. Why?
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en  la fotografia donde James Randi aparece con los cientificos e investigadores, en ella estan dos con barba, uno de ellos tiene cancer. prueben lo contrario los  Rendi
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Won't you help us fight the fakers?
Written by James Randi
Dear Friends:

The year 2011 winds down, but our plans for 2012 are winding up, as you would expect. Your much-needed support of the James Randi Educational Foundation will help us to continue battling unreason in our society.

I’m writing today about your opportunity to help us reach our goal, and to tell you to that thanks to a very generous and long-time friend of the JREF, one who recognizes that we are uniquely positioned to respond to harmful claims made by peddlers of woo-woo in our society, all donations up to $150,000 through the end of the year will be matched – dollar-for-dollar!

Won't you help us fight the fakers and take advantage of this wonderful offer to double your gift?

But please note: we have only a few days left in this 2011 year-end campaign to raise the money we’ll need to fight the charlatans and enable people to defend themselves from paranormal and pseudoscientific frauds. I'm asking you to help us stand up for reason and continue battling for you and other skeptics and science-minded citizens in the coming year.

Folks, this means that we have a great opportunity — for a limited time, you have a chance to take your important support of our work to the next level, and make your gift go twice as far. Donate to the JREF today, and the impact of your support will be doubled — but only if you contribute before the end of the year.
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Claro, para que é que existe medicina sequer!!!
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Latest JREF News
Written by James Randi
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 10:38


As we near the end of 2011, I'm pleased to say that this has been the JREF's most productive and effective year on record.

We've made some major strides this year in standing up for rational thinking in a world of widespread belief in the paranormal and other harmful claims -- our media work including our appearance on Primetime Nightline, our nationwide challenge to proponents of homeopathy and the pharmaceutical chains that peddle it, our zombie horde that made headlines at James Van Praagh’s “Spirit Circle,” our new free educational materials, the grants and scholarships we've awarded, our support for local grassroots activism, our new ebooks and mobile apps, the ever-increasing success of TAM, and much more!

None of that would have happened if not for the support we received from concerned and dedicated skeptics and science advocates like you during last year's Season of Reason. Like most other nonprofits, the majority of our annual donations come in during this critical year-end period, and that largely keeps us going for the following year.

Now we at the JREF are focused squarely on 2012... and it's beginning to look a lot like reason.
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+Dr. Nancy Malik  Since you somehow think that trolling will help you Google up more victims for your scams, I hereby cancel your linkbait with this link that concludes with "Hey, Nancy!  Not actually a Doctor – strike one.  A bogus degree – strike two.  Your own citations show NO support for homeopathy – strike three. "
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The JREF has made James’s Randi’s An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural available in popular e-book formats for the first time at the special price of just $4.99. In this remarkable encyclopedia, James Randi casts his skeptical eye on the dubious claims of the occult and the supernatural. With 666 entries and hundreds of illustrations throughout, this book examines the shady world of manipulators, occultists, and shamanists in microscopic detail. Download it today.
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Have them in circles
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No Nome de Jesus posso provar a voce te curando do cancer que o poder de Deus esta disponivel a todos os seres humanos na terra. Aceito o desafio com tudo e se voce quiser voce seria a pessoa a ver, experimentar, sentir e ter a cura no teu corpo, expulsando este espirito de enfermidade de voce (cancer) apenas falando em o Nome de Jesus, atenciosamente Daniel ( Brasil - 42 9953-5350 phone).
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In this discussion with D.J. Grothe, James Randi explores the meaning and worth of “skepticism,” and explains why skepticism is not the same as cynicism. He talks about the focus of the JREF’s mission, and to what extent social issues such as GLBT rights, civil rights, economic equality, church-state separation, feminism and environmentalism are within skepticism’s purview. He debates whether God’s existence should be a skeptic topic, and reveals why he is an “atheist of the second kind.” And he details recent activities at the JREF to challenge charlatans and educate the public about harmful paranormal claims, and how listeners can get directly involved with this important and unique work.
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저는 어렿을 때부터
UN에 보호받고있어요.
초능력 증에 텔레파시를 가지고 테어나습니다.
그래서 모든 사람 그능력을 본인의 욕심으로 이용하려다보니 어렸을 때 부터. UN의 소속이었고
제가 저 자신이 제 자신의 능력을 모르게 한다는
조건으로 한국에 거주 하고 있어습니다.
어렿을 정치.종교.사회이익 단체 들이 그들의
목적으로 저에게 다가오는 경우가 많아서
UN에서 보호 대상이 되었던겁니다.
그러니.브라질 사람 인것 같은데
본 인의 종교는 본인 스스로 믿고
제게 메일 보내지 마세요.
제가 조금 있으면 미국에 가기 때문에
제임스 랜디가 저와 같은 초능력을 갇은
사람을 연구한 데이타가 필요한 것입니다.
제임스 랜디의 단체에는 관심이 없습니다.
Good lucky~~~

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James Van Praagh has chosen – wisely – to avoid the direct JREF challenge with which we confronted him recently. He knows full well that he cannot pass any properly designed and controlled observation of his fumbling "cold reading" attempts, and he hopes we'll go away. Well, we won't...
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This guy was not very good at it at all!! FAIL!
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Introducing The Randi Show, a new biweekly video series with James Randi on science and critical thinking.
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your name randi rhodes ,... i love her,... ;R
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Have them in circles
1,801 people
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An educational resource on the paranormal, pseudoscientific, and the supernatural.
The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) was founded in 1996 to expose charlatans and help people defend themselves from paranormal and pseudoscientific claims. The JREF offers a still-unclaimed million-dollar reward for anyone who can produce evidence of paranormal abilities under controlled conditions. Through scholarships, workshops, and innovative resources for educators, the JREF works to inspire this investigative spirit in a new generation of critical thinkers.