28 hours L8r (speedrun, lvl1 to 8)
This weekend, Munich Enlightened Agent veneficia (+Deborah Tolkien) completed a speedrun from level 1 to 8 in about 28 hours! Before playing for the Enlightened, she was one of the most motivated players of the Resistance and had already reached level 8. Meeting many agents in the field, she realised that most of her new friends were playing for the Enlightened. After a while veneficia applied for a faction change. During the discussion about how long she would need to get back to L8, the idea of a speedrun came up. Plans were made, many Enlightened agents farmed items, and after her scanner turned green, several agents accompanied her to help in achieving this record. 
The faction change was accepted on April the 17th and because of the Shaper-Data event that took place last weekend, she decided to “survive” 10 days without actively playing Ingress, so that the speedrun would start from zero AP.
Starting on April 26th at 10:32am, she regained level 8 clearance on April 27th 2:36pm, only 28 hours and 4 minutes later. The entire event took place in the Munich city center, and a car was only used for 4 hours at night while no public transportation was available. No time was wasted - she only paused to pick up new items, and for coffee.
With an average of 42,755AP per hour, we suspect this is a world record!
She walked about 50km (by GPS tracker), used almost 2000 resonators, created over 600 links and more than 300 fields, and of course our “Bombenmädchen” (Bombergirl) used a lot of XMPs as soon as she reached security clearance level 5.
The speedrun ended as planned at her favorite portal “Steinmänni” where she built her very first green L8 portal and the first L8 Portal ever tagged with her name.

Companions in order of appearance: macrojames (myself), oixc (+Jan Hofmann ), junibert (+Jun Nozaki), Nussmischung (+Lukas Falke ), ThePir8 (+Boris Pirstinger), Meier (+Meier Meier) rokossovski (+Ivan Monahov). 
A detailed field report with more pictures and videos will be published in the next days.
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