Redesigning Amazon's Android App Concept

This is my final entry for the Android UI/UX (Re)Design Challenge 2.0. It's a redesign of the normal Amazon app that is available from the Google Play Store (not their own store). Interestingly, even though Amazon is still the world's largest online retailer, the company has apparently only a very bad store for non-kindle mobile users.

Having such a bad app for your core business is very strange and also dangerous for various reasons. Interestingly, this app does not only ignore all of Android's design guidelines, but it does also not follow the style of Amazon's Kindle devices. It's rather a strange, outdated mobile version of Amazons website, which runs extremely insecure and slow.

My redesign does not aim at aligning the app to the Kindle Fire look, but at making it look like a normal Android app, following all guidelines. That's also the reason why this probably won't ever turn into reality. If Amazon will update it's app at all one day, then it will probably introduce the Fire style.

But for this concept, I've thought about what the Amazon app would look like today if Amazon was a Google-owned company. This concept kind of imagines what the Amazon Store would look like as a counterpart to the Play Store for non-digital stuff.

What do you think about this? Do you order things from Amazon regularly - and if yes, do you use their Android app for this?

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(Please note that this is my final entry. A previous, unfinished version has already been shared a few hours earlier)
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