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The is a real bear encounter story by an investor. He has a thought on what keep him safe from a bear also could make him a bad investor.

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A story about the formidable company that calls its customers muppets.

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#Snowden   #Greenwald  
The dogs are unleashed!
Inquiries from the Daily News and The New York Times prompted Glenn Greenwald on Wednesday to address what he characterized as a smear campaign resulting from his recent reportage on clandestine government programs brought to light by former National Security Administration contractor Edward Snowden.

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"The elite ruling class, their corporations and the federal government they own and operate are far greater threats to We, the People than all foreign threats combined."

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US Senator warns that trade ties with Ecuador could be damaged if the country grants Snowden asylum.


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via +Larry Fine 
"Extra-judicial assassination, drones, killer robots, extraordinary rendition, black ops, wet ops, psy-ops, silly ops... The world is a bit tired of all this American posturing, grandstanding, and self-serving banditry.

So now it's cyber-ops, but wholly unofficial, courtesy Mr E. Snowden. It would hard to accept it is real, if you didn't suspect it was virtual. Rather than decry it, many applaud it.

The White House is furious at the non-cooperation it has received. But has it occurred to them that maybe not just the Russians and the Chinese, but those soft, liberal Europeans and all the other neutrals also don't like the idea of being spied on by an out-of-control transnational agency beyond the reach of the law, any law, anywhere?

Obama and Kerry can talk about security until they lose signal. Right now, the rest of the world is talking sovereignty, privacy and individual rights. And enjoying the moment when the big guy takes a fall."
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