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Frontend Conference Videos,video Here I'm collecting all the links to good conferences and the video they provide. I think these are a hugely valuable resource and nearly all modern web conferences now have most of their sessions available for free. Soak it up!

Take a look, but more importantly, comment with a link with whatever I'm missing. Past 12 months only, please!

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The best deals and sales for makers on black Friday

We’re going to do something that most companies cannot or will not do! We’re going to give you suggestions of where you can spend your money besides Adafruit :)

The following is our list of deals, sales and more for Makers today. We know most companies will not be able to post about our sales & deals and sales but that’s ok, this is how we do things here. We’ve also included our deal/sale today too if you want to support Adafruit. Stop back throughout the day, we’ll be adding more as we find them, please add your suggestions in the comments too for great deals for makers for sales today!.

Here we go!

#blackfriday   #blackfriday2013   #blackfridaydeals   #blackfridaysale  
+Evil Mad Scientist +Boing Boing +Chris Anderson  #3drobotics  +littleBits TV +Pololu Robotics and Electronics +MAKE +Edmund Scientifics +Colossal 
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You guys you guys: In Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Control-Command-Space (⌃ ⌘ Space) in most text editing areas produces a pop-over menu with special character palettes for symbols and emoji. Scroll up (trackpad two-finger pull down) to reveal a search box for finding symbols by name.  Clicking on a symbol inserts it at the point and adds it to the frequently used palette, which is the first thing you'll see on next use.

Click the button next to the search box to reveal the old character browser.  Click it again to collapse back to the concise palette view.

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Google Helpouts seems like a really cool new way to use Hangouts. Nice!
Google launches Helpouts!

Google's eagerly awaited Helpouts was just officially announced! 

The idea is to use Google+ video hangouts for connecting people who need help with stuff with those who can provide it. The help takes place live and one-on-one. 

You can search for the kind of help you need, then choose who helps you based their fee, and also on qualifications, which you determine via ratings and reviews. 

From the helper side, the Helpouts system will launch a thousand small businesses, which people with skills can do from anywhere.

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This is the best
Aaron Paul as Los Pollos Hermanos and Bryan Cranston as Tio.
#breakingbad   #halloweencostumes  

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Sweet! Finally got my custom url AwYeah

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+Todd Hudson You'll appreciate this.
But there's one sound that no one knows... what's Wolverine say?

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Check out the big brain on Brett!
In case you forgot. 

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Some Photospheres I took while hiking.
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