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Ryan Goodwin
Wanna-be sci-fi novelist, cyclist, cook, and reader by night. Web software builder by day.
Wanna-be sci-fi novelist, cyclist, cook, and reader by night. Web software builder by day.

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Definitely worth the read and puts the real severity of the email scandal into perspective.
The Clinton Email Controversy Bothers You, Yet You Likely Don’t Actually Know What the Clinton Email Controversy Even Is

I don't like posting about politics.. but.. man, technology I do...

I personally read the ENTIRE FBI released report about Hillary's Emails. I don't know anyone else who has.

Some points....
1) When asked most people say something to the effect of... "Hillary deleted these emails with an evil cackling laughter to hide all her evil secret doings"... But the reality is... Hillary never deleted or sent any emails to the interview departments according to these reports. She was requested to send emails by the govt in July 2014. Her team emailed the IT guy with the search for all *.gov emails. He did this from Outlook .pst backups from old servers. He sent those back to the team.. Team sent the files to her Lawyers. Lawyers sent them to the govt. IT guy asked.. What do you want me to do with the not .gov emails? and remaining backups? At this time it is July 2014 - Over a year since Hillary left the state office. Hillary and team said well.. we dont need them? IT guy deleted them. Then he bleached the server as IT security guys do. His report says no one asked him to do this. Hillary.. never touched these emails. She is not very technical. How many people could sort through backed up .pst files reading this thread? How many even know what a .pst file even is? You think Hillary did this?

2) There were a total of 2093 classified emails found (although this number changes around a bit depending what you include as classified). Most of these classified emails according to the FBI report were things like Hillary Clintons travel and flight schedule. IE - this would be classified information as to when she was landing but it is not necessarily classified in the sense of national secrets most people are thinking about. Each and every sender and receiver of the 2093 "classified emails" was brought in, interviewed and questioned. They are in the reports. The FBI determined that 110 were classified at the time. About 0.17% of emails on the server. The FBI also found that NONE of the 110 "serious emails" were properly marked with headers and subject lines as classified.... Which is govt classified protocol. Hillary and her team discussed classified information in morning meetings, secure faxes and via secure phone calls - not via email. This is why she said there wasn't any. Because there should not have been. The emails were sent poorly by other people in the USA government. IE - The emails that were found - Hillary was part of the email threads that other people in the Gov't made mistakes on.

3)The hack emails are a whole other ball of wax... Most people mush them all together.. Often confusing the whole thing again showing lack of technical knowledge. Hillary's email has never been hacked. Wiki leaks published the entire Clinton Emails published under the FOIA here - I read a bunch.. nothing of note.
Guccifer the script kiddie hacked Sydney Blumenthal Aol email by... guessing his security password reset question - He emailed Hillary a lot on the server. Wiki leaks published a bunch of that here -…

John Podestra emails released by Wikileaks has not been publicized how they got this information. But llikely an inital phising scheme and then as shown in this email - he published his password.. and then used the same password everywhere.ugh You can read those here -

So yeah. I have read a bunch of these countless emails. You can too. Most of 'the media' posting about these choose one or two emails that is Hillary's aides and pr team doing their jobs.. or posting their personal water cooler email opinions. IE- How to target younger voters in a certain state or What to do about Bernie Sanders. Most company internal emails would look similar. I looked at lots of them but I didn't see any OMG smoking gun or secret conspiracy in these either.

4) It is important to note how complete the FBI investigation was.. They cross checked server log in times, IT department tickets, every computer, laptop, etc. phone records.. They interviewed basically every person to ever remotely work for or with Clinton in any way. They never found "secret Clinton scandals".. there is no insider deals. You can read countless pages of interview answers, transcripts, questions, of how non technical Hillary and her team are.. For people who sure didn't seem all that technical... it would be a miracle to cover up things like this.

5) The media has had a hay day with this because people are not technical. "The Media" is not technical. And I mean seriously.. who reads all these documents besides me? How did you reading this get your information about the "email scandal"... ? All the information most people have.. is some guy who wrote about what he read.. and likely they are not very technical. Do they know what .pst is? Bleach bit? Back up servers? Do they know how IMAP works? Sent messages? Secure FTP? All things mentioned in the FBI files? I just don't think 'the media' understands what they are reading per say or focus on the sensationalized parts more than others. How come most people know there is classified emails.. but NOT that Hillary never touched the emails sent or deleted for example...

In MY opinion, Clinton's email scandal is such a thing.. because for the first time .. the people of the world are looking at and are interested in how the technology in the USA gov't works. And its bad. The USA gov't like most organizations is SERIOUSLY behind on technical knowledge, training and protocol around technology. This is my opinion based off what I personally have read. You may have a different one.

I agree with the FBI findings.. She shouldn't have done it. And she was careless. But there is no.. crooked, evil, cackling plots like most people think. The USA Gov't needs to seriously work on their technology protocols. This isn't the first email scandal BTW... Other gov't officials have too - including Bush, he had a private email on the republican server. He had tons of missing emails off THAT server.. conveniently around the Weapons of mass Destruction time period after Sept 11... No one heard a peep about Crooked Bush .. and he was the PRESIDENT.

There is countless more.. but i guess my overall point is... go read the files yourself. See what lovely pieces of information you learn..

Or read this article who found the same things I did after he read the FBI files...

I have discussed this thread extensively on other platforms but am sharing here. If you have any different opinions.. awesome.. please provide source links (true source not a 3rd party site) - and i'll check it out... again.. These are just my opinions on what I've read. :)


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An oldie but a goodie!

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Here's a throwback tune for you!

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M-m-m-mandatory Metal!
Sevendust - Black

Timeless, crunchy, and guaranteed to get my blood pumping.  Need a pick-me-in-the-morning?  Crank this on the ride into the office!  Need to get an extra set in at the gym?  Blow your ear drums up!

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An amazing Star Wars short fan film! (7 min)

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Apple vs The FBI is really Us vs. The FBI.

After listening to various media outlets discuss this, there's a very important detail that's missing - The FBI asked Apple to make ANOTHER VERSION OF IOS THAT ALLOWS THEM ACCESS TO THE DATA  

This isn't a "hey, let me into this phone."  It's "Hey, create a new version of iOS we can distribute to any phone we want."  The media is either missing or neglecting to share this detail.  There's a reason why the tech giants are rallying around Apple.  They've been fighting this battle for years now, keeping the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, & everyone else's grubby hands out of our lives as much as possible.  It's why they deployed built in encryption in the last several generations of phones and tablets.

It's important to remember that your life is completely cataloged on your phone.  Where you go, who are your friends, your voice, your face, your family's voices & faces, your email, credit cards - just about everything.

Also remember - there's no telling who'll be in power tomorrow and what laws will be passed tomorrow & there's no way to know if you're in violation of a law today.

You do not want a precedent where the Government can easily have Apple, Google, or Microsoft push an update to your phone that gives them free access to your life.

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Mandatory Metal
Five Finger Death Punch - Wash It All Away

I'm definitely late to the Five Finger Death Punch party.  But having recently discovered them, I've been finding myself replaying this particular song.  _Wash It All Away_ is dynamic, switching from deep crunch rhythm guitars, anthemic choruses, a melodic break, and heavy vocal lyrics - I'm wishing Amazon auto-increased the volume for certain songs.  Loud is the only way to listen to this!

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Who is Rey?
Star Wars - only mild spoilers

After having seen The Force Awakens twice now, I'm mildly consumed with the question of "Who is Rey?"  Many people are left liking, even loving her character:  A strong female, well able to take care of herself, but also torn by a desire to wait for her family rather than face a destiny with the force.

While there are indicators pointing towards her being related to Luke or Leia, I am most intrigued by the idea that she's a Kenobi.

But!  Kenobi was a Jedi with no wife!  No, no wife, but recall Obi-wan telling the story about his affair in the Prequels.  He goes so far as to say that he would've left the Jedi Order if she had but asked.

More importantly, Star Wars is an opera, each movie a stanza.  Themes reappear and weave across the movies.  Obi-Wan was a powerful figure through out the story which would indicate that a Kenobi is likely to play a large role in this next trilogy.   And that leads to a piece of amazing symmetry - Kylo Ren is the grandson of Darth Vader, & Rey is the grand daughter or Obi-Wan.

In the Prequels we see Annakin fall to the Darkside while training under Obi-Wan.  We'll now see Kylo Ren turn to the Light through the actions of Rey - in a way redeeming the failure of Obi-Wan's training of Annakin and calling back to the redemption of Darth Vader.

& remember.... in Rey's flashbacks, it is Obi-Wan's voice you hear, not Luke or Annakin's......

...these are your first steps...

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Add a few pulleys, some drag radials, new exhaust.... maybe a tune
And then you're running 900+ HP & 9.71 quarter miles at the track

Without the use of any NOS.  Video in the link.

This time, they added an upper and lower pulley set to lift the boost pressure to 18psi, a free flowing exhaust system without catalytic converters, and an engine tune to pump out 902 horsepower and 866 lb-ft of torque.

To put the power to the ground, they used a tough Driveshaft Shop driveshaft, 3.09 rear gears, and lightweight rear wheels  in drag radials.
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