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I like to make cool things.
I like to make cool things.

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It would be fun to viz my Google+ followers. I suspect the vast majority of them are spammy based on cursory glances at the notifications I get once in awhile. I wonder if there are patterns that could be viz'ed from their profile images, messages, and perhaps connections with other users.

... Heck, I should just make the viz instead of wondering. New item for summer side project list!

INFO 247 (Info Viz) has changed my thinking, haha. By summer's end, I'd like to be a d3 ninja. :) One step (or side project) at a time...

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Got stuck in a rut coding my program today. Best solution? Fresh cup of milk tea and a little walk outside. :) And then start afresh!

I have a feeling the majority of my paltry student budget this year will be earmarked for milk tea / spicy popcorn chicken "brain refreshments." Necessities, I say.

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I feel like app development walks a fine line these days. Too many apps are being built with the supposed purpose of "making life easier/smarter/more convenient," but in actuality, they are slowly trying to monetize away our lives. More developers are trying to be the next overnight billionaire with over-valued, inflated stock prices that the public is prodded into buying thanks to the media that puts this kind of thinking on a pedestal.

I want to make money so I can live comfortably and won't have to worry about the future, but I can't justify to myself building a product solely in hopes of it getting acquired or blowing up to make millions. It's too easy to get sucked into the concept of money when you are surrounded by a startup/developer/hacker community. I hope I can stay grounded when I move back to the Bay...

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Hm... Tooltips don't close on iPads if you touch out of the tooltip. They only seem to close when you tap the button again, but that's not intuitive.

May need to take up the marked answer and just add a close button/text link for mobile/tablet only.

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Monta Vista High is now 78% Asian.

2005-6 vs 2010-11
White: - 12% (now 18%)
Asian: + 10% (now 78%)
Hispanic: + 1%
Other: + 1%

+Victor Yee 

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Whoaaaaa... This is going to have to take some mulling over.

Initial thoughts, I guess:
- Interesting how the search bar has such a prominent place. I do search through my email, but search phrases should be shorter, no?  
- I like the pin off/on toggle next to the search bar. I guess this will replace the starring system - may be an issue for people who use the Labs' add-on of custom stars/icons. (+Victor Yee)
- Built-in tasks are really cool. Wonder how the "feedback" portion works - how does Gmail determine when someone is asking for feedback? Will there only be two options - good and bad?
- The Promotions and Social tabs are now threads instead of tabs. Wondering how this will display... Accordions? Or maybe just buttons to separate sections.
- Labels are now similar to the Promotions and Social tabs. At first I was thinking this would be a nice way to roll up groups of emails, but now I'm thinking... What if you have an important email within a Label? You'd have to open the Label and filter through it. That adds a second step and also time.
- I don't see how the current Important/Very Important flagging system is translated in the redesign. I hope they aren't getting rid of it! It's a great way to visually filter your inbox.
- Doesn't seem like there is any more customization for chat list/calendar/quick links/docs list widgets.

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Way to go, I-School Class of 2014!!! 

Going to spend my weekend perusing through their links and reports. :) Really exciting to think that I'll be in a team, posting our hard work on this page in just two years.

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