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Just Because Book Sale
Just want to announce that for a limited time I've lowered the price on all my Kindle version books, so if you've been meaning to read one (or all), now's a good time to go to Amazon and download them! Here are the links to each book: Uncharted Blind Stitch...

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Portrait of a Girl Adrift Now Available!
Over the past months, I’ve been working hard preparing Portrait of a Girl Adrift for publication, and I’m happy to announce that the paperback version is now available on *  Here is a preview of the full cover layout. So that you don't have to s...

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Portrait of a Girl Adrift: Cover Progress
I've been working on the cover for Portrait of a Girl
Adrift  … it's been quite a process. In case any of my readers have suspected,
yes, I am the model for the 'girl' on the covers, not because I necessarily
resemble Leila—I mean, I am fifty six, after all...

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Portraits Trilogy Update
Well, I completed the first draft of Portrait of a Girl Adrift nearly a month ago. While the manuscript awaits its final edits, I have been updating the first two books, Portrait of a Girl Running and Portrait of a Protégé , both the kindle and trade paperb...

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To Amityville or Not to Amityville...
Yes, that is the question—as it pertains to my Portraits trilogy. I set the opening book, Portrait of a Girl Running , in fictional Milleville, Long Island, New York. This setting has no bearing on the next two stories, Portrait of a Protégé and the work in...

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When Characters Misbehave
I’m not talking about when characters behave badly. That’s actually a good thing because it creates tension and moves the story along. I’m talking about characters and how they don’t always behave the way the writer expects or wants. This happens a lot in m...

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Lafayette Cemetery No.1—Not as Creepy as I Anticipated
Actually, it wasn’t creepy at all. As I mentioned in a
previous post, I had opportunity to visit New Orleans over the winter, and one
of the places of interest was the Lafayette Cemetery No.1, the oldest of the
seven municipal, city-operated cemeteries in N...

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Portrait of a Girl Adrift — Waylaid by Research
I’m happy to say that I am nearly done with the first draft
of Portrait of a Girl Adrift , the continuing saga of Leila at large, aka the
Portraits series. In this novel, she’s on a quest to find out about her
deceased mother who abandoned her when Leila wa...

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A Boat Upon Which to Float My Story!
I’ve been under the weather this week, and so what better way to spend idle time than to learn about sailing in New Orleans and pick out a sailboat! I mentioned in my last post that there will be sailing in this novel, the third in the Portrait series (titl...

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