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XYZ - eXamine Your Zeal
Since I fell behind, I am finishing with a triple, but I am finishing. I hope to spend May visiting the other A to Zers because I fell behind on that as well. It's called a challenge for a reason, but it's also a fun way to stretch myself. I'd like to thank...

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I am catching up on my A to Z Challenge.  I fell behind due to an accumulation of circumstances that occur in life. A to Z Challenge Worms - any of a number of creeping or burrowing
invertebrate animals with long, slender, soft bodies and no limbs. As I wal...

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V is for Virtue
Well, I am running behind, but I vow to finish. So let me start by catching up with V. A to Z Challenge Virtue :   Behavior
showing high moral standards, goodness, virtuousness, righteousness, moral
excellence, integrity, dignity, honor, decency, nobility, ...

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U is for Ultimate
A to Z Challenge Ultimate : The highest, the
greatest, the unsurpassed, the most valued, the most important What’s your ultimate thing? What
is it that you put before all else, that guides your decision-making, that most
important, most valued item in your ...

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TRUTH with a Capital T
A to Z Challenge Truth : Reality ; What is real. The
actual state of what is; Consistency and conformity with God’s perspective and
standards; “The sum of Thy word is truth, And every one of Thy righteous
ordinances is everlasting. ” Psalm 119:160 “Be dilig...

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As I have been navigating my way through the 2015 A to Z Challenge , I've been examining briefly various words and concepts in apologetics , that is the defense of what we believe, and for me that is Christianity and the Christian worldview . Today's word i...

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A to Z Challenge Reality : The quality of existing; the state of being real; something
that is true. So is God reality? Is Jesus  real? Did he live? The evidence is there to examine. If one is looking for reasons
to reject God, one will find them. However, ...

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Participating in the A to Z Challeng e is just that, a challenge. It is also a wonderful learning experience and a way to meet new friends, other cultures,  and new  ideas. Checking out the Blogging from A to Z homepage is a great way to keep up with all th...

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O is for Observation / P is for Prayer
O is for ObservationA to Z Challenge Observation: an act of recognizing and noting a fact or occurrence; to be
aware of one’s surroundings; to listen and pay attention; to see, watch,
recognize details, to collect information through one’s senses It seems t...
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